Magicians Party

by Lorena

My sons love magic tricks so, I decided to throw them a magicians party.

I tried to give it an antique twist, like the Houdini type of magicians.

We made some curtains for the garage, so it would look like the stage. We also decorated the yard with props like a trunk wrapped in a chain and lock. and a woman that seemed to be cut in the middle. We bought some old posters from the internet.

All of them of famous magicians. We set them up as if we were announcing upcoming shows. I made an oversized hat, for the presents. And oversized dice for decoration too.

We hung red, blue and silver stars all over the yard, just to make it more interesting.
We used hats and rabbits for the centerpieces.
For the kids, we made some magician cloaks out of cheap black fabric.

As a favour, they took home a black top hat and a magic wand made out of wood.

We had a magician come and make some tricks for the kids. They were very excited and they loved their party!

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