Magic Theme Party Ideas

Magic Theme Party

It is time to dust off the magic hat and get ready for a magic party theme that will have your guests cheering. This is one theme that offers plenty of options and you are certain to have a great time getting it setup.

Magic Theme Party: Decorations & Favors

One of the first things you will want to do is take a moment to setup a stage where your magician will perform. If you are going to be doing the tricks, make sure you have everything you need to make this a fun and enchanting time for your guests. Along with that, set out mystical items all around the room. That way, your guests will have the chance to have a good time while they are waiting for the event to begin.

A giveaway bag of simple magic tricks can always be fun. Just be sure that you mix things up so everyone can have their own magical talent they take home.

Magic Theme Party: Invitations

Creating the invitations for a Magic theme party will be fairly easy. What you will want to do is take a moment to look over the different clip art you can find. Magic hats, rabbits and wands are all exceptional ideas you can use to create some fun ways to invite your guests to the event you are hosting.

Magic Theme Party: Food and Drink Ideas

Food is going to need to be magical. That means you will need to take the time to look at things that can help to get that theme out there. One idea will be to create magical wands with either cookie dough or cake dough. Then ice them and put each guests name on them for a fun snack.

Rabbit shaped sandwiches can be fun during this time too. Take a minute to make your favorite meals, then go out and turn them into a phenomenal treat that your guests are going to love. Of course, it is always a good idea to stick with meat and cheeses to avoid creating something soggy in the mix.

A cake can be made if you want and could resemble anything from a magic hat to a rabbit even. Think about the theme, and then have the food match whatever it is that you can come up with.

Magic Theme Party: Tricks

One of the first things you are going to do is of course wow your guests with your magic theme party. There are plenty of magic tricks that you can do and if you want to hire a magician, that can be fun for everyone to watch at your event as well.

During this time too, you will be able to sit down your guests and teach them to do an easy magic trick as well. In fact, you just might find that this could turn into something that your guest loves doing and could become a very good hobby for them as well.

Just be sure you keep in mind that a party is about having fun. Make sure you keep the focus on good times and you should find that your magic party is one that people remember for a long time.

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