Lost Party Ideas

by Sue
(Irwin, PA)

Dress as your favorite character. I'm female, and it would be so easy to be Kate, but I'm going for the bearded, pill-popping, whiskey drinking Jack with bandaid on forehead, white wife beater shirt, denim jacket, jeans, and construction boots. Will have bottle of JD in hand!!

Suspend little toy airplanes like the one Kate saved.

Makes beer and soda can labels: White paper with Dharma logo that says "Dharma beer," etc. Fit around the can and secure with invisible tape.

Lots of black and white (good vs evil, one side wins, one side loses):
backgammon, dice, Charlie's checked Van shoes (my husband found a pair at a local thrift shop and is going to be Charlie).

The numbers: 4 - 8 - 15 - 16 - 23 - 42 with "108 minute" signs.

Make CD of LOST music: i.e., Three Dog Night's "Shambala," Petula Clark's "Downtown," etc. Or use LOST CD soundtrack.

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