Las Vegas Party Theme - Vegas In Your Garage

by Rob
(Arcadia, CA, USA)

Got a big garage? Want a Vegas themed party? nice place to come to!

Supplies: a few tables, poker table, roulette, dealers, garage, drinks, food, chips, raffle spinner, small bags, and items to raffle off.

What to do: set up something like a mini casino in your garage and hire a few good dealers that you can find online. Tight budget? Find some close friends that know how to deal. After doing all that, use the tables you got as stations for food, drinks, disposable cameras, and presents.

Next, go out and buy some items. These items can be anywhere between $5-$100, you choose your price range. Next, put those items on a separate table. Get some canvas bags, or some small buckets. Now place one bucket/bag in front of each item (have about 10+ items). Make sure you get CASINO POKER CHIPS with values on them. As people enter the party, give them (example) $10,000 worth of chips. They can then try to win chips and if they run out, they are always welcome to get more somehow (you decide how).

Now after they are done with their "gambling," have them cash in their chips for raffle tickets. (Example) Each raffle ticket may cost $1,000 of chips. Say they get 10 tickets. They then put the raffle tickets in those buckets or bags. They can put one in each of the 10, or put all 10 in one bucket. Their choice. This is great because it's fun for all and they can get the great experience of gambling and fun raffles!

Also, we added in to the end of our party an outdoor projection movie. That really got peoples attention. We laid out on the grass of my backyard and projected the movie everyone chose. Sorry I can't quite remember which movie it was. But for some of us it was really romantic to watch a movie, on a blanket, under the stars.

After effects: As I went to school the next week, all people said was "GREAT PARTY ROB!" and great compliments such as that one. It felt great and I never knew that turning 14 could be so great.

Other things you can add in: play some music in the backyard so people can listen to it after they are done in the casino. You can add so many different things to this party, you can even watch CASINO ROYALE!

Good luck with your party!



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