Fun & Easy Ladybug Theme Party Ideas

Ideas for Your Kid's Ladybug Theme Party

Kids love bugs and probably the most beloved of them all are the ladybugs because of their bright red wings complemented by equally bright black dots. It will come as no surprise then if your daughter will request a ladybug theme party on her birthday. Your son may also do so since he is an avid fan of bugs, insects and everything creepy-crawly, as he calls it.

The following ideas are for a girl's ladybug party theme instead of for a boy. You can always put a boyish twist to these suggestions by changing a few things but, for the most part, ladybug party supplies are designed for unisex purposes.

Polka Dot Invitations

You always have the choice of purchasing ladybug theme party invitations that only require penciling in the details of the party like the date, time and venue. This is the easy way to go about announcing the ladybug theme party to the prospective guests without having to repeat yourself over and over again to the phone and in face-to-face conversations. You will then be able to focus on the other aspects of the party.

Or you can always make your own ladybug theme party invitations! Your child can help since red cardboard paper, cut-out black dots, paste and pens are all that's necessary to replicate the pre-made invitations.

Red and Black Décor

The great thing about ladybug as inspiration for the party is the fact that there are only two dominant colors - red and black. The ladybug theme party decorations can then be made easier with this color combination in mind:

• Use a red table cloth on the tables, cover with black cardboard paper cut out in circles of different sizes and then top it with a clear plastic tablecloth. The whole place will look like a giant herd of ladybugs landed on it, thus, setting the stage for the ladybug theme party.

• Use red and black balloons tied together in a bunch to simulate the ladybug's appearance. This can be applied to the other decorative ladybug theme party features around the venue such as on the pathway, the banner and even the celebrant's dress.

Classic Games Given the Ladybug Treatment

You don't have to search far and wide to find the best games for the party. Classic games can always be adapted to the ladybug theme party. A few examples include:

Pin the Spot - Instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, let the kids pin the missing spot on the ladybug's wings.

Scavenger Hunt - Instead of the usual things in the classic hut, the kids can search for insect-shaped items. Your inspiration can be the things found on the movie A Bug's Life.

Of course, before the games to the ladybug theme party begin, the kids must have something to do. You can lay out an activity table where supplies for making ladybug antennas are available. These DIY antennas can then become part of the kids' souvenirs of the party.

As for the food, you can always serve kids' favorites depending on the season. Barbecued meat and meat dishes, hotdogs and hamburgers, fruit juices and soda - all of these are great kids' party food. To add the right flavor to this ladybug theme party, the cake and cupcakes can be made to look like ladybugs. And that is how your kid will love her ladybug theme party to the max!

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