Ladies Party Games

Ladies party games vary greatly depending on the personalities of the group. Depending on the age group you are dealing with and the common interests that they share, party ideas are going to differ.

You don’t need to make big plans to get out of the house or to do something together. Gatherings can be as simple as Stitch and ____ parties (you fill in the blank:>), a girls night out which could be going to the theater, going out to dinner, or a wild evening at the clubs.

Other gatherings can revolve around card parties like bridge, canasta, crib, backgammon, poker and craft parties. It all depends on the reason your getting together. Any or all of these gatherings can have themes. You might decide to have a beach party theme, create a spa day, or have an evening with your friends.

You could even go away for the entire weekend to a popular resort. One group of ladies had a cool idea for a party and get-together, their party had a theme around cars and how to repair the basics of them. They even had a teacher for the day. When it came to the evening, they made ladies party games included naming the tools and what the tool is used for, among other things.

The person who scored highest on the original test and those who won the games received tools that they could use on their own cars, as well as free tickets to get their cars washed and other car-related paraphernalia.

Ladies can get together over untried recipes and spend the day and evening cooking untried things and testing them on their friends. Women often get together to teach each other something or simply to have some time away from the usual rhythm of the week the choice is all yours.

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