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If you are looking to host a party that is sure to go over well, choose one of the tried-and-true party ideas below.All the kids party ideas can be prepared in less than a day, or in only a few hours for those high energy hosts!

13th Birthday Party- A 13 year old birthday party can be a tricky endeavor; your child is leaving childhood and entering the teenage years. The best way to plan this party is with their help! Ponies and pirates may no longer be appropriate therefore to avoid awkwardness a surprise party is probably not a good idea. Think glamour for girls and perhaps sports themes for boys.

3 Year Old Birthday Party- Toddlers are a blast to entertain, particularly three year olds. They have become articulate and have some definite ideas about what they like. It is not unheard of for a three year old to have a favorite super hero or cartoon character. Set up a themed party that includes Scooby, Sponge Bob or Spiderman for your next 3-year-old party.

16th Birthday Party- Some birthdays are milestones in life, and 16 is one of these. This is the beginning of their entry into adulthood with driver's licenses being a top priority. You can make this party a memorable event starting with the invitations, instead of standard paper fare, why not video tape the invitation and hand out DVD's or post a special link on their social networking site.

Baby Einstein Party- A wildly popular theme for toddler parties is Baby Einstein. Colors, numbers, letters and learning games round out the day. There are all kinds of ways to set up such a party, caterpillar cake constructed of various cupcakes, puppet shows and hanging prizes games will be a sensational hit.

Baby's 1st Birthday Party- Is there anything more special than the very first birthday? For this all-important party you want to remember your baby's stage of development, bright colors, large easily manipulated decorations and short activities will work best. Brightly colored balloons, large teddy bears and a place to make a mess are all you need for a great party.

Back To School Party- You want to get, the school year started right, and what better way to accomplish that than with a party. Choosing the right theme will depend on the age and grade of your child so the possibilities are practically endless. Pizza, beach parties and even horseback riding are all potential party ideas.

Barbie Birthday Party- She is the epitome of childhood and offers you a ton of options when it comes to planning a party. You can decorate with her signature colors of pink and violet while decorating the room like the Barbie Dream House! Dancing, singing and costume contests are sure to be a great hit.

Batman Birthday Party- Bats galore would be the best way to pull off the perfect Batman Party! Hanging rubber bats, cookies and cakes in the form of bats and batwing invitations written in the form of a riddle will set the proper tone. You can add Robin if you like as well as any of the popular protagonists, riddler, joker, cat woman and more!

Blues Clue Party- Can you say blue? The main color theme for a Blue's Clues party! Of course, you can add a bit of magenta for good measure. Paw prints, colorful streamers and perhaps a large colorful mailbox can set a wonderful atmosphere. Add a bit of music from the show and some finger food for good measure.

Boys Party Ideas- What to do for your next boy's party? Plan like crazy! Give yourself plenty of time to pull it all together, six to eight weeks is not unreasonable. Allow your child's particular interest to guide you, current movie, rock star or sports themes are always a hit.

Butterfly Party- Do you have a young child who is fascinated by the beautiful butterfly? Why not plan a butterfly theme party? These are super easy to put together, colorful construction and art paper are all you need to create invitations and decorations. For fun, you could provide guests with a butterfly garden!

Camp Rock Party- Pre-teens loved the movie and it can make a wonderful party idea. Pop star posters, mock bandstand, camp rock logos and tons of pizza are the perfect solution for this type of party. You can make the party even more fun by making it a costume party, kids can dress up as a Jonas Brother or Demi Lavato.

Care Bear Party- Care Bears can create the perfect party for children of various ages. Choose a particular bear, such as Cheer Bear or a combination of all the characters for your theme party. Think bright colors, rainbows and perhaps a favorite Care Bear story time.

Carnival Party- You may not be able to provide rides and a full size midway, but you can still provide lots of carnival fun. Carnival music, big tent for outside parties, fun mini-games, tickets and carnival bingo are great options for this fun day party.

Castle Theme Party- Creating a castle is not as hard as you might imagine, cardboard and paint is practically all you need. Build a wonderful "set" including a mock throne for the person of the hour. Swords, flowing bright materials, shields and crowns make perfect decorations and party favors.

Construction Party- Kids, boys in particular, love big bulldozers and other construction machines so why not throw a construction theme party? Caution tape, flashing lights, under construction signs and dozers are good ideas for décor. Children can draw and "construct" various buildings.

Cowboy Party- Yeehaw! Cowboys, horses, spurs and a rodeo are just a few of the ideas for this type of theme party. Bales of straw are the perfect building materials and a barbeque grill can cook up the party "chow". You can also decorate with lariats, cowboy hats, saddles and play pistols.

Crocodile Hunter Party- Steve Erwin inspired a generation to love crocodiles and many young ones would love a crocodile hunter party. Stuffed crocs, khakis and individual animal stations filled with information make a fun time for all.

Disney Princess Party- Little girls love to pretend to be princesses so why not provide them with the entire Disney Princesses cast for the next birthday party. Ariel, Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White costumes coupled with light colored streamers and a grand ballroom scene will make a wonderful backdrop for this party.

Dora The Explorer Party- Not only is she an instantly recognizable characters but also a great way for kids to explore cultural differences. Children can learn and explore at the same time! Plan an outdoor party where exploring is the name of the game or create a Mexican décor for inside parties. Sombreros, maps along with ethnic food and music are a good place to start.

Fear Factor Party- This is a theme party adults and children both can enjoy. You can adjust the "factor" if you will to suit the age range of your guests. Basically, black and yellow are the color schemes with icky or gross food to top off the day. For younger kids, gummy worms, candy rats or bugs and candy eyeballs are perfect choices for food.

Finding Nemo Party- Oh, no Nemo is lost! Beautiful colors from the underwater world of this Disney hit includes brilliant blue and orange which will be perfect for streamers, paper plates and disposable cutlery. You can also decorate with fishnets, lures and other fishy items.

Harry Potter Party- Holy Hogwarts its Harry Potter! Think magical fantasy and mystical charm. You could decorate the basement to look like the popular academy and have everyone dress as their favorite character. Party invitations could be scrolls hand delivered by the person of honor.

Hello Kitty Party- Crafts, tea parties and tasty treats are all a part of the Hello Kitty theme party idea kit. Set up a pretty pink table decorated with hearts and flowers, Hello Kitty's absolute favorites! Chocolate squares, star shaped cookies and lemon biscuits are perfect for the menu.

High School Musical- Teenagers, music and high school sum up the entire idea of High School Musical. There is plenty of images from the movie which can be used to create the perfect invitations and there are a multitude of game ideas. Dance competition, costumes, trophies and pizza will round out your party well.

ICarly Birthday Party- You can purchase an entire iCarly party kit in purple and pink, but you will still need to set up the party. Since iCarly is a television show about a girl who has her own internet show, email invitations or an entire site in iCarly fashion is perfect.

Incredibles Party- Movie theme parties are always a hit and the Incredibles are no exception. Red and black are great color ideas, streamers, balloons and the circle I logo will set the perfect background. Costumes can be as simple as a the Incredibles black mask sent with the invitations or handed out at the door.

Kids Birthday Ideas On a Budget- Times are tough but that does not mean you have to forego a fun kids birthday party. Simple backyard treasure hunts, pool party or a cookie making party are simple and loads of fun for everyone. Best of all they can be done easily on a budget.

Kids Outdoor Party Games- Warm weather is a great time to have an outdoor kids party. Streamers, Chinese lanterns and tiki torches are all fantastic outdoor decorations. You could choose any number of themes including tropical. Set up fun relay races, treasure hunts or chalk drawings.

Ladybug Theme Party To say kids love bugs is a vast understatement and ladybugs are probably the favorite of all. A ladybug party is very simple to put together, red and black polka dots are the traditional option, but you can really use any color combinations even different hues of purple! Red and black balloons, tablecloths and cutouts of various bugs make a great décor.

Safari Party- Lions and tigers and bears, O My! Kids love wild animals, so why not throw a safari party? This theme can be as simple or complicated as you would like, take a simple excursion to the local zoo or set up informative "booths" in your backyard explaining about the different wild animals.

Pajama Party- Sleepovers have always been popular, eating junk food in pajamas and watching movies together. Pajama parties are quite similar, just on a larger scale. Plan a variety of activities for the day and then settle them in front of the television for a night of popcorn and movies.

Pirate Party Games- Ahoy, ye mateys! Do you need some fun pirate party game ideas? Party games can include two-patch pirate, walking the plank and of course, a treasure hunt. Two-patch pirate is really a variation on blind man's bluff, with patches instead of a blindfold.

Pirate Theme Party- Create the perfect pirate theme party for your little one this year. Decorations can be purchased or made at home, bottles with skull and crossbones labels, treasure chests, scrolls, swords and eye patches are perfect accessories.

Pool Party- Give the kids a summer party at the pool! You can rent out the local pool or decorate your backyard in a variety of themes. Water, rubber duckies, floaties and some tropical decorations are all you will need to throw this fun party.

Princess Party Theme- Is your little girl your princess? Show her just how much by throwing her a princess birthday party. Tiara's, glittering decorations, pink chiffon, pink and purple balloons and fun party food will set the right mood. Provide some "champagne" by adding a touch of food coloring to 7-Up!

Scooby Doo Party Ruh-Roh Raggy! Scooby Doo has been a favorite among children for years and creating a mysterious party featuring their favorite hound just makes good sense! Images of the gang, Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and of course Scooby are easy to come by and make perfect decorations.

Sesame Street Party Generations have enjoyed Sesame Street and thanks to the myriad of characters, there are plenty of options for a great party. You can choose one specific character such as Big Bird or Elmo. Decorations will be super simple to find and there are a variety of educational games the kids could play.

Shark Tale Birthday Party- Decorate your home with an undersea theme including fish nets, star fish and sea shells and you have a good start to a Shark Tale party. Roller paper on the walls painted in underwater blue and decorated with sunken ships, treasure chests and various buildings from the movie.

Shrek Party- Who would have guessed a green ogre would spark such interest, but Shrek has definitely become an all-time favorite. Set up the best Shrek party with Ogres, donkeys, princesses and more. You can create a swamp, castle or forest décor and make it a costume party for all.

Spider Man Birthday Party- Is your little one a web slinger fan? Throw them a Spiderman party and impress all their friends. Black and red is the color scheme while webs, green goblins and of course "radioactive" spiders make the perfect accessories.

SpongeBob Squarepants- Absorbent, yellow and porous is he! SpongeBob Square pants is instantly recognizable to young children today, making it a fantastic party idea. Think yellow, pineapple and crabs when you choose party day decorations.

Star Wars- If you decide to put together a Star Wars party you have several years of movies to choose from. Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Yoda and Luke Skywalker are all safe ideas for your Star Wars fan. Color schemes can be Yoda green or black and red Maul fashion.

Strawberry Shortcake Party- Invite Lemon meringue, Huckleberry Pie and Crepe Suzette to your next Strawberry Shortcake party! Create a strawberry patch in your living room or basement and preside over a variety of fruity fun activities. Your guests could even participate in making fresh homemade strawberry shortcake dessert.

Superman Party- The original superhero! Your party theme will be unmistakable if you mail out invitations shaped like the superman badge. Everyone can feel invincible at this theme party, hand out simple capes, Clark Kent glasses and cupcakes decorated in red and blue.

Tea Party- White lace, fine "china", doilies and tea biscuits are the makings of a lovely tea party. For extra fun, you could provide your little ladies with dress up clothes and fancy hats! Round it out with a rousing sing-along featuring, "I'm a little teapot"!

Teen Party Games- Electronics have made coming up with teen party games much easier, for instance, you could have a karaoke contest or a popular video game play off. If you want to get the teens up and moving instead you could set up a limbo, tightrope walk or rousing game of tug-of-war.

Teen Party Theme- There are a multitude of teenage party theme ideas, movies, music and even video games are all popular. However, if you want to mix things up throw a gender switch gala. Invitations to the boys could be pink and frilly, while the girls receive something a bit more butch. It will be instantly apparent what the theme is all about.

Tinkerbell Party- She is every little girl's favorite pixie sprite and creating a beautiful Tinkerbelle party can be fun and easy. Ideas for playtime could be crafting each little girl her own princess tiara or pair of fairy wings. Serve cupcakes made special with "fairy dust".

Webkinz Party- Webkinz is the latest virtual/real world craze to hit, children receive a stuffed webkinz with a special code where they can go and watch their pet in the virtual world. Party favors could include Webkinz cards or a special new pet for each guest.

Wiggles Birthday Party- Wiggles are particularly popular with younger children and offer you four colors, purple, blue, yellow and red. You can decorate with each of these colors in streamers, balloons, tablecloths and party favors. For fun, you could hire a local teenage band who dress in the Wiggles colors!

Yo Gabba Gabba- Creating the Yo Gabba Gabba world could quickly become expensive if you let things get out of hand. If you want to set up this, party for your child, however you have many choices in colors, music and characters. Choose a few colors or a particular characters and go with it!

Yu Gi Oh Party- A popular card game turned cartoon Yu Gi Oh provides a ton of possibilities for theme parties. Set up a card competition; decorate in favorite Yu Gi Oh fashion with deep blues, red and or black. Making t-shirts are a great craft idea.

Top 10 Most Popular Themed Kids Party Ideas

There is no doubt that children love to have fun parties and these kids enjoy the chance to have their favorite theme attached to them. These themed kids party ideas will often inspire them and ensure that everyone has a great time. Here are 10 of the most popular themed kids party ideas you will find for a kids party.

1. Princess Party Theme

Every little girl wants to be a princess and the princess theme can be the perfect way to give her the best night of her life. You can fill this party with some sparkling dresses for the girls attending and have a cake that is shaped like a castle. A good form of entertainment will be to turn on some fun princess movies that will get everyone who is attending excited about the theme that is being had.

2. Pirate Theme Party

There is no doubt that pirates remain popular kids party ideas with young men and women. This theme can steal the day and create some fun for your guests. Be sure to hand out plenty of eye patches and have a pirate ship cake that your little pirates are going to love. A great idea for this event will be to hide chocolate gold coins around the house and let the kids search for these delicious treasures.

3. Spongebob Party

There is little doubt that when it comes to this fun loving sponge that kids get excited. You can setup your event to surround this theme with lots of yellow colors and even make some homemade square pants with Styrofoam. Then sit the kids down with a yellow sponge cake and make sure that they have a blast as they spent their time watching some of the hysterical episodes that take place in Bikini Bottom. There is no doubt that everyone attending will have a great time.

4. Avatar

While the kids might not have watched the movie, chances are they have played the games. This widely popular movie is a simple one to take into kids party ideas. Paint the faces of the kids attending blue and serve them a cake that is covered is trees. You can give each child a tiny tree that they can plant and they can help to save the environment by planting this tree and taking care of it in their own backyard. In fact, you are going to find that you can do lots of good with this fun theme as well.

5. Barbie Party Theme

Little girls love Barbie and you can use her to create a magical experience for kids party ideas. A good way to do this will be for you to get some dress up costumes for the girls and then let them play like they are Barbie. You can have a pink cake in the shape of a cell phone or a shoe and even give out little Barbie dolls to all your guests. This will be a great memento of the day and it will be something that they will cherish for years to come as well.

6. Transformers

There is no doubt that Transformers are very popular right now. You will want to make sure you carry out the kids party ideas by having a robot cake and serving it to the children as they watch the Transformer movies. If possible, you can build costumes out of boxes or if you prefer, you can have the kids decorate their own boxes and give them wrapping paper roles and let them have a transformer fight with all their friends. This can bring out hours of entertainment as well.

7. Mario Brothers

Kids still love the loveable plumbers decades after they first hit the video game systems. With this event, you are going to want to create a Mario themed cake. Consider the characters that are popular from the gaming system and then bring them into the overall theme of the kids party ideas. In addition to this, you are going to want to be sure that you have the original games available for them to play. After all, what kind of party would it be without Mario making an appearance of some kind?

8. My Little Pony

With these themed kids party ideas you can break out the dolls and let the girls gather around and play with them. Consider giving each girl a doll if you like and then offer a My Little Pony cake to them while they are playing. This cake is certain to be a hit as will the theme. Just be sure that when you are going through this process you take into consideration that you can also have a series of ponies that the girls can color and make their own friends in the process.

9. Batman

The Dark Knight remains a very popular figure, even today with these kids party ideas. Consider having a Batman party with a Bat Mobile cake and a costume for the birthday boy. You can then give all the guests other characters that they can be from the movies and let everyone have a good time fighting imaginary crime. You might even want to consider letting them watch the old television series with Adam West for fun.

10. Superman

A Superman theme is the other super hero who often comes up in requests. All you need for his costume is a set of blue sweats and a red towel for a cape, and then your child and their guests can have fun flying around the home. These kids party ideas can be a great way for them to burn off energy while they have a good time. For cake, you can do the superman logo, which is a simple cake design that you will love to make.

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