Kids Outdoor Party Games

Kids outdoor party games are loved by all because kids have a chance to run around and work off all their excess energy. Many of the games played by children outdoors were created by children and so they stand the test of time.

Both summer and winter provide environments for outdoor play. It just depends on the size of the yard and how much neighborhood they are allowed to use.

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Kids outdoor party games that can be played with all the party guests is kick the can. This is a type of tag combined with hide and seek. You declare who is it and a home base where you put the can. The seeker counts to 50 while the rest hide, and then he goes looking for them. When he sees someone, he needs to beat them back to the can to win. If the other person gets to the can first, he kicks it and runs away to hide again.

Other outside party games include chalk drawing, crochet, relay races, treasure hunts, and skipping, which has made a big comeback over the last few years, and obstacle courses. If a sandbox is part of your yard, you can also have castle building contests.

Kids generally don’t seem to have a problem with cold weather and snow is a substance that is great to play with or in. Winter party games can include games of tag like fox and geese where the playing field is made in the snow.

Building snow forts and having a snow fight or contest is always a good time. Other party games can include snow painting, backyard ice sculpturing and winter obstacle course contests.

You might use part of the space in your yard to set up a temporary ice rink for hockey or skating. Making a bowling lane in the snow is also easy. Snow bowling can be fun for everyone.

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