Incredibles Party Ideas

Incredibles Party Ideas– Back In Action!

The Incredibles were a super hero family forced out of action, but now they’re back! But it isn’t what they thought it would be. A whole new kind of adventure begins! An Incredibles party can be just as on-the-edge as the story. Let the excitement fly!

An appropriate invitation can come straight from the movie: an official public notice directed to would-be superheroes (the guests) to “come back into action.” This would excite the kids and get them drawn out of curiosity to come to the Incredibles party.

You can be creative in your language to sound as official as possible, and an added touch would be to have the invitation on the letterhead of the city in which the Incredibles live. Send one or more black masks (rubber, latex, paper, cloth, etc.) with the invitation, depending on the number of guests at a particular address.

Decorations would be geared to a sleek red and black color scheme. Spiraled streamers in these colors shoot everywhere to give that dynamic effect, and you can have the Incredibles logo, “I,” in an oval posted everywhere for emphasis.

Red and black balloons, each bearing the logo, would bring a sense of gaiety to the scene. If you can’t find balloons with the “I,” consider the challenge of painting or coloring them on once the balloons have been inflated.

As for costumes, there are a couple of ways to go. First, kids come dressed as their favorite “Incredible” or superhero in general. This would not only be in line with the theme, but also follow the invitation. Second, the masks that you consider mailing with the invitations can, instead, be handed out at the door. This is simpler than the outfits and easier than sending them; handing them out at the door would ensure that everyone gets a mask. The Incredibles soundtrack, or a combination of superhero soundtracks or themes, would add that extra edge to get the kids excited even more.

Food can consist of candy and cookie combinations (all shaped as either “I”s or the Incredibles superheroes) in a red and black mixture, presented in red and black dishes. Red punch and a black cola can be served in red or black cups. A cake shaped like a large “I” would add that special emphasis to the food table.

Incredibles Party Game & Activity Ideas

Fly Ride
Suspend a taut rope or wire down a staircase or outside, suspend the superheroes in braces, and push or slide them back and forth. The kids, especially younger ones, would get a real thrill out of this!

Find Jack-Jack
Have several boxes filled with plush stuffies, styrofoam, or a combination of various things. In one there is a plush doll of Jack-Jack. Whoever finds him gets a prize! This has many variations as well.

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