Inception Movie Party

The movie Inception last year makes everyone a purge to 'dream'. I create a theme party call "la dolce inception" with eletronic candle night, flowers to aid the atmosphere and make it an impressive event.

Here are the details:


Intrigued with Dom Cobb’s incredible Inception experience? Let’s have a dream building party and share a mystery moment!


The right ambiance is important to this party. To create a dreamlike atmosphere, candles or electronic candle lights that change colours would be perfect lighting. A projector to cast some illusionary images on the wall and exotic music to aid the ambience will be great. Prepare 20 boxes of different sizes.


About 10-15 guests are invited, and everyone will sit in a circle with a table in the centre.

Pile up the twenty boxes on the table. In each box, there will be two tips written on paper: one describes a scene and the other describes a prop. Make the tips fun and unreal — for example, in one box, the prop can be ‘Magic Pole’, and the scene can be ‘Mushrooms start to grow into an enormous size.’

Both the host/hostess and guests can prepare drinks and snack.


Play the music, cast the images, light the candles, and prepare the house with the mystical ambiance.

The host will be the first to select a box, open it, and read the tips. He/she then narrates a dream, using the tips. When he/she finishes, he/she nominates the next guest to continue. The guest will then draw another box, and use the tips to continue the story.

Each guest will take a turn to create part of the dreamy story with whatever ‘prop’ and ‘scene’ they get. At the end of the party, a fantastic dream has been constructed and leaves everyone with a wonderful Inception memory.

P.S. I should have some good photos, but cannot find it. Maybe I can send you later if you like my party idea.

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