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Do Some "Random Dancing" at a Fun Filled iCarly Birthday Party Ideas

An iCarly birthday theme is the perfect idea for a child's birthday. This hit Disney show has spawned a huge following and has many key features that can easily be used to create a birthday party that will make any kid happy.

One of the hardest parts of planning a birthday party is coming up with the theme, but if you go with an iCarly party then that step is easily taken care of. Everything else will fall into place.

A successful theme will give you tons of ideas you can use to choose the food, music, activities and iCarly birthday supplies. An iCarly theme will give more ideas than you can use. Just be careful that you don't overdo it, or worse, under do it. The main theme of iCarly is being wild and crazy, so make sure you keep that idea throughout the party.

For iCarly birthday party ideas you want to be sure everyone knows as soon as they walk in that the theme is iCarly. In fact, you should make sure they know before they come. Invitations for an iCarly party should be modern and fresh. After all, iCarly is about a web-based show. Try skipping the old paper invitations and send out emails. If you want to get super creative create a website and use the iCarly idea with your child's name. For example, if you child is named Mary then name the site iMary.

A creative idea is to set up specific areas in the part room that match the different things that happen on iCarly, such as a random dancing area where music suddenly turns off and on. You should also have a camera where guests can record whatever they feel like for the birthday girl or boy. Have a karaoke center, too, so everyone can try their hand at singing the iCarly theme song. There are a wide range of fun activities you can do besides dancing and singing. Just follow the cue of the iCarly web show. Try games like "Hey, what am I sitting on?" or "Guess what I'm giving you clues about."

Food can be fun. Follow Sam's lead and have some great food options that Sam would love to eat, such as bacon, slushies and pie. You can get a lot of food ideas from watching old episodes of the show. The show has had many episodes centered around food, such as the taco truck episode where Freddie saved Carly's life or the episode where the exploding muffin basket leads to trouble with the doorman, Lewbert.

The whole point of an iCarly birthday party ideas is fun. There are many ideas that you can pluck from the many episodes of iCarly to help you create a birthday party that will make everyone feel like a star. Have fun and don't be afraid to be a little silly. Sam, Carly and Freddie never worry about looking crazy, so you shouldn't either. This party can be a blast if you let go and get a little wild.

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