Hello Kitty Party Supplies

Fun Hello Kitty Party Supplies for a Girl's Party

Hello Kitty is undoubtedly the most popular Japanese contribution to world culture. Her love for everything fun, feminine and fabulously pink thinks has rubbed off on her millions of fans many of whom are little girls. It then comes as no surprise that Hello Kitty party supplies are one of the most popular items in its category.

Here are the most basic supplies with a Hello Kitty theme that your little girl and her guests will absolutely adore. You can always add more items to the mix as your little girl sees best for her party to be a blast.

Hello Kitty Invitations

Every party starts with invitations to the guests. There is no better way to clue in the guests as to the theme of the party than by sending out Hello Kitty invitations in all their pink glory. After the party, it is only proper to send out thank-you notes to the guests especially those who had a hand in the preparations and those who came along bringing gifts. You can continue the Hello Kitty theme with your thank-you notes, too.

Eating Utensils

Yet another popular set of Hello Kitty party supplies are the dining utensils. If you want to splurge, go for the complete set of dinner and dinner plates as well as the cups, spoons and forks. Your little girl and her guests will love eating with these dining utensils so much so that they will want to take a few with them home.

Don't forget the lunch napkins either. Your guests will appreciate these cute napkins to wipe off the stains from the delicious foods you prepared for them. Add in other Hello Kitty party supplies like a tablecloth and placemats for the table and you have set the mood for the party. It's fun and fabulous Hello Kitty, indeed.

Fun Decorations

Put up a Hello Kitty banner, too. As soon as your guests come inside the venue, they will be greeted with the banner welcoming them to the party. You must also decorate the venue with foil balloons emblazoned with images of Hello Kitty and her friends. Setting the festive mood has never been easier with the addition of several balloons to the venue whether these balloons are tied to chairs or tacked on walls - or even better, on both. Add curling ribbons and latex balloons to the mix, if you want to.

Games and Activities

And what is a fun party without the games and activities that everybody will enjoy? Be sure to add games and activities to your shopping list of Hello Kitty party supplies including:

• A piñata contains plenty of goodies that kids love including candies, small toys and even coins. Just pull the magic string or let the kids take a bat to it for these treasures to rain down. • A set of coloring and activity books complete with crayons is a great way to entertain your little girl's guests while waiting for the party's games to start. You can also place each set into the favor box along with a sticker sheet, a nail polish kit, a ring and necklace combo, and a pastel lollipop.

The wide variety of Hello Kitty party supplies to choose from will make any little girl happy. Look at these items now and start planning a great party for your princess.

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