Hello Kitty Bean Bag Toss

by Jessica
(Hallandale Beach, FL)

I am planning my daugters 2nd BDAY and had a great idea for a bean bag toss. Very inexpensive and easy to make. Approx. Time 45 mins.

I had extra pink fabric, felt, and dry beans laying around, so I decided to make
my very own HK bean bag game (5 complete pcs.)

You will need:

1. Solid fabric (pink, purple, or lime green)this will become the bean bag
2. Sewing machine/can substitute for fabric glue
3. Fabric glue (I used beacon Adhesives, but any should do)
4. Dry beans or rice 1 small bag (any brand) or both(I did)
5. Sciccors
6. 1 sheet White, 1/2 sheet pink, less than 1/4 Black, and less than 1/4 of
yellow felt (follow HK colors)
7. Optional: Pink glitter glue

First step: You will need to cut out 10 squares of 5 1/2 X 5 1/2 pieces glue or sew about an 1" to an 1 1/2" in, (let glue dry), turn the square inside out so you can not the theraw edges, when closing up the bag leave 2" - 3" slightly open to pour the beans/rice in with a type of funnel (you can use a rolled up peice of paper shaped into a funnel)

Second, this is for the HK head, you can print an image of HK from the internet and trace or sketch her head onto the white felt, do the same for her bow,eyes, and nose. Glue parts to the white felt,repeat on all 5 bags, once dry you can glue the HK head to the squares you made previously

Third, pour the beans/rice into the pillow like bag and glue/sew small opening Optional: trace the pink bow and add details with the pink glitter glue, to give it the extra touch.

Thanks enjoy!

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