Harry Potter Party Ideas

Throw A Witchin’ Harry Potter Party!

Harry Potter’s magical world and colorful friends have enrapt millions of children’s imaginations for a long time. A Harry Potter birthday party, no matter what you decide to do, will be a real hit with your kids!

Hey, how about an invitation like the one Harry Potter received—delivered by an owl? No, not an actual owl, but an invitation just as mystical! Have your kid dress up as her or his favorite Harry Potter character and then deliver the invitations—perhaps scrolls--all personally.

It would be fun and exciting for your kid to get into the act by taking on the role he or she has chosen to portray and then, when the door opens, say “Come!” or deliver some other line from the books or movies, and then turn and silently walk away. Your kid will love it, the kid who receives it will love it, and you’ll love it!

Harry Potter party supplies will deal with making up your house (or at least your basement) to look like Hogwarts Academy, with wooden or cardboard sets and props. The kids (and maybe even the adults?) can dress up like other little witches or like Harry Potter with his signature Harry Potter glasses, and they will all feel right at home.

As for music, be creative! You could play the soundtracks from the movies, or you can compile something. As the kids and their parents arrive, welcome them in the old tradition Hogwarts way. Hand out little party packets that include, among other things, a wand. Imaginations will soar!

Food for the party will match whatever Harry Potter and his friends eat at Hogwarts. Do a little bit of research or ask your kid.

Set two long tables parallel, and have the kids sit along them on either side, just as in the movies! A three-dimensional cake of Hogwarts or some other Harry Potter icon would cause jaws to drop.

Harry Potter Party Game Ideas

Hogwarts FunHouse
If you have the time and space, you can make the entire house represent Hogwarts, with eerie pictures etc., and lead, or have your kid (representing Harry Potter) lead, the kids on a Hogwarts tour, perhaps explaining self-created and intriguing little stories about certain items. Talk about imaginations whirling! Play with this!

Magic Time
Hire a magician to perform a magic show for the kids. Even have the kids get involved. They will love creating magic, just like Harry Potter and his friends!

Magic Spell
Also provided in the little packets are spell books. Have the kids go through the spells (presented as riddles) and try to find the answers, just like Harry Potter. Do this over and over again. Give out prizes. They will have a witchin’ good time—and so will you!

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