Halloween Party

by Chantel
(Austin, MN)

My husband's birthday falls right before Halloween. This year
he is turning 30. I have planned a halloween costume party and decorated the house very gothic. We have tombstones, black martini glasses, etc. I would love to put 30 tombstones in the yard on his birthday as well, just can't find them inexpensive enough! I created his invitation...

It is silver cardstock with black background in the shape of a tombstone:

(name) IS THIRTY (scary font)
October 2008

Our beloved friend, husband and father is turning 3-0,
Please join us for a night we're sure to hail and hallow.
Come dressed to impress, humor or downright scare,
Your presence is a must, but gifts...don't you dare!

The Undertaking Will Occur
Date and Time

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