Halloween Party Planning Ideas

by Willi

As with most events, you should try and give yourself a minimum of 4 weeks to plan the party. This allows plenty of time for ordering on-line party supplies, cake, invitations, costumes etc. However planning a Halloween party is much easier than most, because you already know your theme.

Include a few of these Halloween party games when hosting a party at home. We can provide both active and quiet games to settle over excited goblins down before heading home, like: Pumpkin Pass Along, Mummy Wrap Relay, Trick or Treat, Quick Recall, How Many Words, Cotton-ball Scoop, Pin the Nose, Halloween Parade and many more of your choice.

Or as my friend has an idea too. Simple or elaborate, which ever decorating style you choose needs to fit into your schedule, party space and the age of the kids.

The success of your party will be the fun activities, so don't let this be sources of stress. Older kids may enjoy a spooky motif with Halloween props; cobwebs, gravestones, spiders and such. When hosting younger children, keep your decorations simple with a black and orange color scheme, balloons, streamers and cute Halloween images.

Cover your table with a Halloween table cloth, fabric or even a white sheet. Create your own festive table centerpiece by tying a bouquet of Halloween balloons to a pumpkin. Group a few smaller pumpkins in various sizes around the larger pumpkin. We always group items in three's.
Add color by scattering candy corn down the center of the table.

Provide small pumpkin treat holders or pumpkin cookies with the guests names at each place setting.

If you’re tired of the same old black and orange colors...try adding purple, orange, green and yellow. Your local fabric store will have Halloween fabric deeply discounted at this time. Pick up several yards in a variety of patterns to use a table runner, to drape on chairs, or cover your door and possibly furniture. It really sets the stage for a fun party!

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