Going Away Party Ideas

Going away party ideas consist of two types. One is when someone is going on a trip or extended holiday, and the other is when someone is moving to another place of residence that will be out of easy reach; another city for example.

Going away parties for people who are going on an extended trips or are going to work somewhere else for part of a year will not be taking a lot with them, particularly if they are going over seas.

The party should be held at least one to two weeks before the move to make sure there is no unnecessary stress, even for such a fun occasion.

Small gifts that can be put in a suitcase is the best option, or better yet, give a gift that will help in the move. For example, those throwing the party could all go in on a gift of money for the first month’s rent or for the purchase of a piece of furniture in the new place.

Another idea is to give money to be used on the purchase of minutes on a cell phone so that the person leaving will have no worries about the expense of calling for the first little while.

One can always purchase some of the luggage the person may need. These kind of going away party ideas can also benefit from a cleanup party. Once everything has been packed, everyone helps to clean the condo or house and they share a meal either at a restaurant or at one of the friend’s places.

Going away parties for those permanently going to another place can benefit from the same kind of gift ideas. One gift idea is to have a picture of all the friends at a gathering and have it enlarged and presented to the person or persons leaving.

The point of a going away party is to say goodbye to that person and to show that their friendship has enriched everyone’s lives.

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