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Do you want to have a blow out fraternity party? The needed elements are obvious and simple, but it always helps for that extra twist, that surprising new fraternity idea that leaves your head spinning, even when you haven’t been drinking.

Invitations? Not like you really need a formal invitation to a fraternity shindig, but, aside from a phone call or direct word-of-mouth, an invitation that might work for a fraternity without seeming too “cheesy” is, perhaps, a simple photo with a stripper or a sorority sister in half-dress, on the back of which would be a simple message: “More to come!”

Decorations: What can one say? Streamers and balloons are NEVER fitting for a fraternity party, not even for a birthday. But for the “way out and wild,” the sky’s the limit. Painting murals on the walls in the basement can be a spontaneous thought. These can be anything—the most unusual, the better. Other ideas would be odd knickknacks made or bought at antique or novelty shops. Of course, these can make a fraternity interesting with or without a party.

Music and clothes go without mentioning—come as you are and bring your favorite tunes! Fraternity parties are always laidback.

Food? Pizza is always a favorite and a given at a fraternity party. Bring the beer, and if you want to bring something extra that others will eat—small deli trays or homemade chili—that would be awesome!


Aside from the ordinary chugalugs, dancing, movies, poker, and pool parties, rock bands, and billiards, a few other activities might feasibly be seen at a fraternity party. Only a couple are below:

Sexiest Woman Contest
Some of the guys dress up in their best ladies’ fashions and the sexiest wins. The “winner” must lap dance every other guy at the fraternity party.

Hair Paintings
Guys are dipped head-first in various buckets of paint, and they paint with their hair. This can go along with the murals or have another twist, like leather, roll of art paper, cardboard, plaster- or poster board, etc. Their hair is dipped into many different colors before it has a chance to dry. Then the fraternity boys are hosed off.

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