Fortune Teller Party Ideas

Fortune Teller Party Ideas

Mystical fun is all in a fortune teller party theme. You are going to want to throw on your best Gypsy outfit and get ready to offer your friends and family lots of fun. Of course, while you are doing this, you need to keep in mind that in the spirit of having fun, you have to bring the mysticism into the entire day.

Fortune Teller Party: Decorations & Favors

A good place to begin is to cover the windows in the room with a soft silk or satin sheet and cover the door frames with beaded curtains. Then you can setup a special table in the center of the room that is dedicated only to fortune's being told. With this, you will want to be sure that you have lava lamps, gold coins sprinkled around the room, and gold chocolate coins of course.

During this time you are going to find that one of the best things you can do for party favors is make a tarot card for each of your guests. Keep the focus of them on positive things like, love, money and riches. That way, they are a huge hit in the eyes of your guests.

Fortune Teller Party: Invitation Ideas

Your invitations for this event can be something fun and mysterious. You can choose to write the invitation in a rhyme that uses mystical words and requires those looking to enter to repeat the phrase to gain entrance to your event. Or you can go with simpler tye dye invitations.

Fortune Teller Party: Food and Drink Ideas

The food that you end up serving during this time can be fun as well. A good idea will be to look at recipes that can be considered mystical items. For example, you can take your punch, add in some seven up and have it boil for a bit.

Food can be fun items like a Gypsy mud pie which can be a standard mud or dirt pie that uses chocolate for the filling and then add in gummy worms and other items that can seem very creepy to your guests.

A crystal ball cake would be perfect if you would like to have a cake at this event. All you need to do is create a round cake with a small rectangle base and the frost it to look like a normal crystal ball. Your guests are going to love it and it will be fun for you to make as well.

Fortune Teller Party: Party Game Ideas

Since this is a fortune telling party, you will want to of course tell each other fortunes. Have a set of fun cards that you can flip over that will offer fun ways to tell the fortune of someone. Be sure that you avoid creating mean or upsetting fortunes as this will ruin the event for others.

As you are doing this, you might also want to look at doing other fun items as well. For example, some people will enjoy the chance to create their own Gypsy getup, and you can see who can come dressed as the best fortune teller.

Just remember, this is a fun and carefree event. Take your time to look over all the options you have for creating an exceptional fortune telling party that you are truly going to love.

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