Football Party Theme

Rah, rah! There’s nothing like an exciting football game, especially in high school. A football party theme is just as exciting!

A football invitation in the form of a football schedule, enclosed with “seat” tickets, which are actually a part of an activity that will take place during the football party. The schedule information is actually the football party information written in football schedule format.

The right décor for a football party can be turf on the floor, paintings of spectators erected on the wall on both sides of the basement (maybe the birthday teen and some of his friends can do this), and tiny footballs hanging from the ceiling all around (a part of an activity to take place at the end of the football-themed party).

For music, try and get a CD or recording of the high school band playing during a football game or a pep rally. Check with your teen about obtaining this. Hey, have the guys come dressed in jerseys or football uniforms. The ladies can come dressed as cheerleaders. Rah, Rah, Bis-Boom-Bah!

Hot dogs and soda are a great part of any stadium game, especially football. The tradition should carry over into a football party as well. A large, three-dimensional football or football helmet cake, accompanied by tiny football-shaped cupcakes, round off the grub for the festivities.

Activities At a Football Themed Party

Lucky Football Number
The “seat” tickets sent with the football invitations actually have a (lottery) number on them. The selected number gets a prize.

Football Piñata
A large football-shaped piñata filled with, say, football cards or other non-football-related items.

The birthday boy or other chosen individual (preferably hefty) stands ready for ramming. Other guests try to push him backwards over a designated line to win a football prize. This is for the guys! Perhaps a girl’s version is possible to stay in the spirit of equality.

Mysterious Football
Of the tiny footballs hanging from the ceiling, a few hold a secret prize inside or a symbol/number on it. Everyone is instructed to jump up and grab only one football. Some win prizes!

I hope the football party theme page helped spark some fun ideas for your upcoming celebration!

Football Party Theme Page

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