Fiesta party games

by Lady p
(Naples, Florida)

chili pepper challenge
The challenge is to see how many hot peppers your guests can eat without bursting into flames. WARNING - SOME OF THESE PEPPERS ARE REALLY HOT - BE CAREFUL!

Habanera, Jalapeno, Serrano, or Green Chilies from the grocery
Large Bowls
Glasses of Milk
To Play
Buy some habanera, jalapenos, Serrano or green chilies.
Prepare a table outside with big bowls of chilies, plates, and latex gloves, because habanera peppers tend to be hot to the touch.
Pour some glasses of milk for your friends to kill the burn of eating all those peppers!
Gather your guests and choose some brave contestants.
Start a timer and the winner is the one who ate the most peppers in the least amount of time.

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