Fear Factor Party Ideas

Fear factor party ideas include anything that make you feel yucky or ‘oogy’- either in your mind or belly! The most mild version is a kids fear factor party, where nothing really gross is eaten.

You can have gummy worm eating contests, or anything gummy related: eyeballs, rats, insects. Be sure to decorate with lots of black and yellow. Line the room with caution tape, and play eerie music.

Many kids are bothered by worms, beetles and other creepy crawlies. Having them presented with such things and needing to pick them up for a prize can be interesting. Certain athletic skills, such as using your hands and arms to make your way across a space with water underneath it if you fall can be fun.

Kids are not often too afraid of water, but they tend to be like cats and don’t want to get wet. Will they take the chance or not is the question; no one likes to fall. This can be accomplished if you have something to fall on and the distance is not too great, such as a trampoline or very large air mattress.

As kids get older, so does their tolerance for “scary” fear factor party ideas. You will have to up the ante on this one, and go a little more “yucky.” Sometimes, just the thought of eating something unknown is scary enough. Eating something that they don’t know the contents of can also be fun.

It could be something that they actually like, but if it is disguised well and they are convinced that it is some horrid substance, the advantage turns against them and makes it a fearful moment. Or, you can give them a choice of the “mystery item” or something really disgusting.

Get a “specimen” jar and place something gross in it. Visit your local ethnic foods store for lots of great ideas- octopus, pigs feet, you name it. Obviously they won’t be eating it, but you give them the choice of it or the mystery item. Everyone chooses the mystery item, which can be a gummy rat, pasta “worms”, etc.

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