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Dora the Explorer Party – Muy Divertido!

Hola, Amigos!

Dora the Explorer is a girl who loves to search, discover, and learn about and share with others. A Dora the Explorer party, then, should be fun as well as cultural and educational.

A fitting invitation to the Dora party can be a map announcing an expedition for some secret hidden treasures. “X” marks the spot! You can make this out of construction paper or grocery bag paper, or, if you can find one, a colorful picture of a treasure map (say, from a Disney book), and use this as the inside, along with a cryptic message. How exciting!

Decorations are open, depending on where you have the party. An ideal place is outside, perhaps in the woods—a place of exploration! If indoors, a Mexican theme sets the mood, with sombreros hanging about and streamers in red and green—the colors of Mexico, Dora the Explorer’s homeland! From these streamers you can hang Latin American symbols made of cardboard and tinfoil.

Do a little research. Also, guests can wear something ethnic or cultural. Another idea is to hand little sombreros out to the guests as they arrive. Ethnic, Latin American, or music from other lands can bring that intercultural feel to a Dora the Explorer party.

Considering Dora the Explorer is Latin American, the food can be ethnic or relative to another culture, such as tacos or something more remote and intriguing. This will get the kids curious and excited. Why not do research on various ethnic dishes that you think your kid(s) will like? It’s a chance for you to be creative! This would work well in a picnic setting outdoors or as an indoor feast.

Dora The Explorer Party Game Ideas

An Exploration
The guests go on a search for things that you and your spouse hid in certain places beforehand. As each item is “discovered,” you or your spouse explains the item’s significance, just as Dora the Explorer does. The guest gets to keep the item he or she has found. All items should appeal to young kids. This exploration can take place either outdoors or indoors.

Show and Tell
You can inform the other parents to have each kid bring something of another culture and to share, just like Dora the Explorer.

You can make and hang a piñata inside or from a tree branch so the kids can break it open and scramble for candy. A lot of fun!

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