Disney Princess Party Ideas

Hail the Disney Princess Party Girl!

There’s nothing like a Disney Princess to bring some charm and elegance to a young lady’s birthday party.

The invitations can be regal: In the tradition of medieval majesty, your guests receive a homemade royal scroll tied with a purple ribbon.

The words scribed on it read: “You are officially invited to the royal birthday of Princess ________________” along with a personalized message. Sprinkles swirled around the inner edges of the scroll add flare and elegance. No princess party decorations are more elegant for than a grand castle.

Swirls of light-colored streamers adorn the grand ballroom. You can have the basement made up to look like the inside of a medieval castle with painted wooden or cardboard sets.

At the end of the room you can place a platform with a small “throne” for your birthday princess after you and your spouse (Dressed as King/Queen) usher her into her Disney Princess party.

All the young guests can dress up as their favorite Disney Princess characters! The soundtrack(s) to your daughter’s favorite Disney Princess movie, and others, will sharpen this theme even more.

The food should depend on the age of the kids, but one suggestion might be deli sandwiches sliced and stacked daintily on a silver tray, sided with potatoes (mashed or boiled), and choice of vegetables.

Perhaps you can also have china (paper or plastic plates) sprinkled with edible glitter and goblets (paper cups or tiny plastic snap-together wine glasses).

This fits right into the Disney Princess theme, too. Consider a three-dimensional cake shaped as a castle—a breathtaking sight for both kids and adults!

Princess Party Game Ideas

Also fitting the Disney Princess theme, you could open a dance floor, perhaps also in the basement, to look like a ball room with little wooden or cardboard chandeliers and let the kids dance.

Kids love to dance, so you can get their feedback on this. They might have some very good ideas!

Costume Contest
One idea you can consider is a costume contest! Most original Disney Princess wins! You might also consider second and third prize. Winner gets a prize!

Gift Time!
Your daughter can sit on her “throne” in front of her guests while she opens her presents. Exciting!

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