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Crocodile Hunter Party submitted by Angela from Nova Scotia.

For my sons 4th birthday he wanted a croc hunter party so I started out by getting a relative to make caution signs and we painted Kangaroos on them and put the on steaks to represent kangaroo crossings.

At out local dollar store we bought plastic kangaroos, snakes, lizards and turtles and swimming frog’s one group of each for each child. We then bought an inflatable alligator pool really cool looking. And we bought a large inflatable turtle pool ride on toy.

My older children dressed up in safari wear and told the children interesting facts about the animal they were stationed at like one was the inflatable turtle was a Galapagos turtle named Harriet like the one at the croc hunters zoo and my daughter let the children take turns riding on Harriet.

Next was the croc named Scrappa like at the zoo And he is filled with water and the little swimming frogs that the children have to rescue one for a prize (out door toys) every child got a prize along with getting to keep the frog. They also got to swim in the croc they thought that was cool.

Then we had a scavenger hunt we made up a sheet that said, “Oh Crickey all the animals at the zoo have escaped can you help Devin rescue one of each animal you find” and we put a picture of each animal on the paper for the little ones and a written clue for the older kids they had fun looking in the yard for all the different animals that were hid. Then we had a bbq croc tails (hotdogs) and turtle eggs (baked potatoes) and swamp juice (green Kool-Aid).

For the cake I made it in the shape of a croc. I first used a mini Christmas tree pan for the head and a bunt pan for the body. I cut the bunt-pan cake into three equal sections and arranged them facing opposite direction like a snake.

I then took the end and cut to a point to look like a tail. For the head I cut the tree pan where it was equal size width and height and shaped the end to blend with body.

My cake decoration idea for the teeth - marshmallow cut to shape, I put a red strip to define the mouth before I began. I used a star tip to decorate the body and head.

The eyes were marshmallows cut in half then cut a little on the bottom to fit flat on the head and I used the star tip to make eye lids (don't forget to put some black frosting for the nostrils and dots for the eyes on the marshmallows).

The legs were cupcakes cut in half decorated with the star tip and I used mint leaves flattened a little and sliced to look like claws. The spikes were mint leaves kept in the cake by sticking toothpicks in the mint leaves then inserting on the back of the alligator for spikes. Everyone had a great time all the children got goodie bags with various candies shaped like animals and stuff and got to keep all the animals they found.

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