Creative 50's Party Theme

by Rockio
(Tulare, CA, USA)

For my mother's 50th birthday I had to do something to mark this mile stone in her life. I had to celebrate it with a surprise party that had 50 of her closest family and friends.

For Invitations --
I purchased these at Party City. They were the cutest Juke Boxes that had confetti at the top and told all of the secret details inside. I also included the following bit...
"Hey all you Guys and Gals, Grab your Saddle Shoes, Grease Back your Hair, throw on your Poodle Skirts, and Get Ready for a Rockin' and Rollin' Good Time but Be Careful because.....Shhhh!!! It's a Surprise! We are Celebrating (Birthday Person's Name)'s 50'th Birthday and what Better Way than to Rock Around the Clock with Her (or Him)..."

For Decorations -- I really wanted to go cheap on the decorations, so that I could splurge on games and entertainment.(to me, that's the important stuff) what I did was the following...
I got several cardboard boxes from my husband's work. I took a tupperware bowl that I had and cut several sizes of these out to hang all over the party area. I made my own label in alternating party colors (the party colors, were turquoise, pink, red, white, black). Records were hung everywhere.

I also took several perfectly square boxes and painted these pink. (Not light or Hot, jut the perfect shade of pink...if you're a color person, you know which I am talking about.) Then I cut several circles out of black poster paper that I hot glued to the box. These were made to look like DICE. I had four of these and man they were the awesomest.

I also cut paper music notes in all chords, which I hung from the trees and bushes.
I also hung the sides of coke and Diet Coke boxes to different trees in the party area.

The only thing I bought of the decorations were these more-than-awesome plastic pictures of the King himself, ELVIS. I found these on the net at $3.80. (What a terrific deal!!!)

I also made two other types of decorations to give the party more color and life. But these my kids helped with. I had them make tissue flowers in my three colors. 25 turquoise tissue flowers. 25 red tissue flowers. 25 pink tissue flowers. I then took toilet paper rolls and cut them in half. I spray painted these black and hot glued pink flowers to the bottom. These where hung in the different trees.
Believe me...when it was all said and done the yard look so Great!!!

Center Pieces...
Center Pieces to me are things that people need to spend little money on. Just use what you have at home. My theme was Rock and Roll so if you have musical instruments, put these on display with black balloons surrounding them. I didn't do this, but I would have if I had them.

For a Soda could also be cool to make your own center piece out of a large tin can. The really big ones...and fill those with little pink and white balloons to look like whipped topping, top with a fake cherry, and add a straw. I've helped people do this and man does it turn out adorable.

Here's what I center pieces could have been more creative...but like I said, I do not believe in spendng a lot of money on what I did was take (3) records that we had at home and surround thoose with black balloons. Each of these was sitting on a circle of pink material. Which completely threw off the turquoise table cloth. The other (5) tables had flower pots that had been painted white and decorated with black music notes. Pink and red flowers were placed inside and a turqoise bow was tied around the rim.

Each table, like I said, had a pink circle of fabric to bring out the center piece and throw off some of the turquoise color from the table cloth. I then had black curly ribbon sprinkled on the tables, bubble gum sprinkled on the table (this is used in a game later), and black music note confetti. I also bought a 8pk of picture frames at the dollar store in the wedding aisle. These I put a different musical icons from the 1950s in them. I then set the picture frames by each of the center pieces.

What did we Eat On?
We drank from old glass jars that I had saved for this party. It was so cute. I also tied a bow around the top of each. Children's cups were ones that had the 50s theme on them. They can't have glass!!! I alternated the plates between white and black. Just to throw it off a bit.
For the cutlery, I used white silverware wrapped with a black napkin, and tied with a white curly ribbon. These were distributed at the food buffet table.

What did we Eat?
I served diner style food. I had tuna melts, onion rings, calamari rings, french fries, hamburgers, and hot dogs, strawberry lemonade, regular lemonade, and bottled water. I also asked that instead of the guests bringing a present that they bring their favorite 'diner' side dish. This was a huge success. I really couldn't believe how excited people got about this. Very Cool!!!

We had three games and one Ice Breaker...
ICE BREAKER--I taped records, that I had made myself out of poster board, on each of the guests back. They had to figure out which fifties icon they were by getting people to give them clues about themselves.

(1) The Price Was Right in 1952.
I gathered several things that you can find in your very own kitchen together. I then found the price of these things in 1952. I began the game by telling people a little about this year and then by introducing the various objects to them. Each of the objects were typed out on a piece of paper my 7 year old was more than happy to pass out before the game. The guests were instructed to write down how much each thing costed during that year. Then at the end, everyone tallied these totals up. The closest person to the correct amount was the winner.

(2) Bubble Blowing Contest.
Remember the Bubble Gum that had been sprinkled out on the tables. Guests used this to see who could blow the largest bubble. I watched each table at a time. The winner from there, was asked to stand. After each table had a turn, those standing had a bubble blow-off. Where they all blew bubbles and see who could get them the largest.

(3) Name that Tune.
This was the funnest game...I had pre-recorded different songs from the 1950s. Players had to guess the Correct Song and write it on a paper, and the Correct Artist and write it on a paper, extra points were awarded if they could name what year the song made it's debut.
The winner was the one with the most correct.

After all games were played, an Elvis ran out and sang Happy Birthday to my mom. We then cut the cake while he sang. After the cake, people danced until his hour was up. I found a really great deal where the impersonator would sing for $75/hour.
The Elvis really must have liked our group because he stayed past his time and watched "Grease" with us.

I also rented a Projector, which we hooked up to my laptop and watched Grease from after the dancing.

This party was a great surprise as well as a huge success. Everyone jabs at me and asks when I am throwing them a birthday. My next will be my father's 60th which will be next year when we do a Groovy Affair featuring woodstock and tie dye.

Happy Birthday MOM!!!!

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