Cowboy Party Theme

Howdy, Partner! Welcome to the ol’ cowboy party roundup. There’s drinkin’, shootin’, dancin’, and even some real cowboy vittles to partake. Come to the showdown at the ho-down and have a rip-roarin’ ol’ time!

Be sure to welcome guests with a personalized western theme party banner.

An ideal invitation for a cowboy ho-down would be something along the lines of the introduction above scratched out in 19th-century text on slightly yellowed parchment. Consider doing a bit of research on letter style from the old western times. You can have a tintype version of the birthday cowboy kid’s picture printed on the invitation for that old fashion effect.

If you are dedicated and want to go all out, consider transforming the basement into “Ye Old Saloon,” with a wooden sign posted above the basement door and genuine wooden swinging gate at the bottom, with, perhaps, a wooden Cowboy statue or a “wanted” poster displayed right outside.

Inside, you’d have a small, makeshift bar around which the little cowpoke cowboys can gather for a “drink” and to shoot the breeze. Round, wooden tables with old fashion chairs and checkered table cloths, as well as a few chandeliers hanging overhead, can give the setting that western feel.

Behind the bar would be rows and rows of empty bottles (perhaps plastic) along the wall. Mom or dad, or another older sibling, dressed in western duds, can serve as the bartender.

An old fashion piano (a real player?) in the corner or piped in music of an old fashion piano will really complete the scene.

See the cowboy party supplies kit for all the needed western party decorations and supplies. The little cowboys and cowgirls come dressed in their favorite western duds, complete with hats, vests, maybe chaps, kerchiefs, and gun holsters.

The Vittles, of course, would be obvious: Barbeque will add real zest to the theme. Consider potato salad side and Ginger Ale to top off that cowboy meal.

Cowboy Party Games

Target Practice—Hang targets, draw a line along the floor, and let the little cowboys have a shooting match with dart guns. Winner gets a prize!

Dancing—dancing is always a favorite, especially if the cowboys and cowgirls are older.

Old western sing-along—this works well if you have a real piano player. The cowboys and cowgirls can sing along to old fashion songs.

I hope the cowboy party idea page helped spark some fun ideas for your upcoming celebration!

Cowboy Party Page

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