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Well, I'm turning 13 this year and I really wanted to go to this resort overnight with about 11 other girls. Well my mom doesn't think it's such a good ides (I have no clue why!). So she told me to think of a new idea. So I went onto Yahoo! Answers and asked what a good party would be for a 13 year old girl, and I read a list and there was the idea of a costume party. So I thought it was a pretty good idea, but I still want to have it at the hotel (must run by mom).

My birthday is 2 days after Christmas so it's hard to do birthday parties. All my friends all have a certain month our birthday is in. Mine being December, it's hard to get people to come over with Christmas break and such. So I was just wondering what some good ideas would be to have at a costume party.

I came up with
everyone comes in costume (no normal clothes allowed)
dance competetion
overnight (maybe)

The hotel I want to stay at has a pool and all this cool stuff that doesn't exist at my house... if only Mom could see it the way I do. I would really like some help thinking of more ideas for my soon-to-be-13th-birthday-party.

Costume Party Seeker

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Dec 03, 2009
Krista's ideas
by: Anonymous

First off, congratulations on your upcoming birthday! Secondly, I love your idea of a costume party!

Why not have a Lady Gaga Paparazzi costume party? If you know the singer then you?ve noticed her absolutely outrageous fashion moments. Encourage guests to put together their most ?Gaga? look (might want to mention tasteful). Your
invitation could be designed to look like a VIP party pass. Provide a dramatic arrival for guests with a red carpet and simulated Paparazzi wall. Use black foam core board and cut out silhouettes of photographers. Place a couple of strobe lights behind and you?ve got the perfect red carpet moment. Snap photos of friends as they arrive and after the party, send them a thank you card with their photo enclosed.

There is no question Lady Gaga is a diva, so when decorating go all out with silver, pink, black, faux fur, scatter diamonds and feather boas. You can?t go wrong. You could even serve a fun ?Mocktail? drink in pink. Karaoke would be the perfect activity for this party!

Or, join the ?reality? craze. Have a Project Runway party. Ask guests to make their own high-fashion costume. Or, at the party have oversized, colored t-shirts for each guest, safety pens scissors and markers. Let them design and
construct their own fashion ensemble in 10 minutes. Then send them to the make-up table to enhance their look with body glitter, bold eye shadow, and colored hair spray. Next, have them strut their stuff on the catwalk. You can judge on originality, level of difficulty, and more. Take pictures of this, I?m sure they?ll be some hilarious moments. You could also have an
America?s Got Talent or American Idol party.

A very hot trend this season is leopard print so you might host a Jungle Fever party. Invite everyone to bring out their wild side by dressing in a costume made of their favorite wild animal prints. Have face painting supplies at the party so guests can complete their look by drawing on spots or stripes, add body glitter, sequins and more. For decorations think lush and tropical. Use as many plants as you can get. You can also check local retailers to get pricing on renting some for the night. As for seating, pull some twin mattresses in the room and cover with black, brown or animal print fabric or sheets. Add some
wild throw pillows and you are set. Have a tropical drink bar with blenders,ice, fresh fruits and juices. Use bamboo and fake palm fronds on your food table and add gummy candy snakes and spiders for affect. If outside use tiki
torches to set the mood. You could have all these things and call it a ?Survivor? party as well.

I wish you the very best. I know your party will be a great success!


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