Corporate Party Theme

When planning and hosting a corporate party theme, you want to provide a fun atmosphere where people can forget about work for a while, but not get too out of control!

The purpose of the party will also guide the corporate party ideas. For example, a party designed to increase team building will be different from one to celebrate a big success. Use the purpose as your guide.

One way to plan a party successfully is to plan around a theme, such as an island getaway, a fictional place, or a period, such as a "retro" seventies party.

Fun Office Party Games

Keep in mind that while many people socialize well during work, they may feel awkward in a social setting. Provide staff party games or entertainment that will help people relax. Using a theme is a good start, and you can build on this. If you're hosting an island getaway party, for example, you could have a luau or play limbo.

When designing invitations, be sure to let people know the reason for the party and any essential information, such as who is invited (individuals, couples, or family) and if they need to dress for the theme.

Hawaiian shirts are great for the island getaway, as are grass skirts and leis. Use the theme on the invitation to generate excitement about the event.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages will be determined by your theme and purpose. If your event is formal, supply food that is elegant and upscale. Casual finger foods are better for a relaxed party. Because these parties can be quite large, be aware of your budget and plan ahead of time!

Consider foods that you can purchase in bulk and are precooked to make it easy. An outdoor barbeque is a great solution for many parties, and can be incorporated into a wide range of themes.

Depending on the party, you may have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Consider keeping alcoholic drinks on the lighter side.


Choose music that is fun, fits the theme, and offers some variety. Office parties include diverse groups of people, so keep this in mind. Again, a theme makes music selection easier, as you will choose something that matches your theme.

The main purpose for a corporate party theme is to give employees an opportunity to relax and get to know one another better in a social situation. Plan and enjoy the event!

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