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Things to Hammer Out for Company Holiday Party Ideas

Often, the numerous office holiday party ideas pouring into your desk can be overwhelming especially if said ideas are very dissimilar. Fortunately, you can narrow down your choices by hammering out the details of each party idea as follows in this article.


This is the first consideration because, like it or not, your office profit may be affected if you have to throw extravagant corporate Christmas parties. Many staff and officers may think that in these recessionary times, the long-term health of the company is more important than short-term fun. Or you may want to suggest that the expenses for an extravagant party be provided as additional bonus for the holidays.

You can also agree to company holiday party ideas that require little by way of eating into company funds. For example, the idea of a potluck party can be excellent when everybody wants to have an office party with a homey atmosphere to it.


You can always change locations away from the usual banquet hall, conference rooms and other formal venues. This may even save you the money since you need not rent the venue. Or you can use the rent money for other purposes like the food, raffle prizes and parlor games.

For example, you can hold the party at a co-worker's house. This way, you can get to know him and his family better, too.


In your discussions of company holiday party ideas, you should also pay attention to the decorations. After all, holiday party decorations set the ambience for the party from start to finish so you might as well make sure that these are indeed as good as you can make them.

To save on costs, you can use seasonal flowers and plants, recycle old d├ęcor items, and even rent the decorations instead of purchasing them. Some even may go for recycled paper to make indigenous decorations.

Office Christmas Party Games

A holiday party will not be complete without games. You can expect some eye-rolling within the group but it cannot be denied that games are very excellent ways to break the ice, so to speak. Plus, it is also an opportunity to give away prizes.

Of course, during the discussions of the various office holiday party ideas, the proponents must at least have an idea of the games to be conducted. This way, you can anticipate other aspects of the party such as the attire. After all, you do not want any wardrobe malfunctions going on when the games are in progress.


Let's face it. Christmas party appetizers and drinks are the center of any office gathering outside of the conference room. Thus, you should also evaluate the proposed menu as you want it to be within budget, to be amenable to the majority's tastes, and to be sufficiently festive.

Also, special attention must be paid to the alcoholic drinks made available during the party. You want to ensure that your co-workers are loosened up by alcohol to have fun but not too drunk as to make a fool out of themselves. You may even have to commission taxis just in case someone cannot make it home.

When you have discussed the preliminary details of the company holiday party ideas under superficial scrutiny, you can narrow down your choices based on the abovementioned criteria.

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