College Party Theme

When can you throw a college party theme? Anytime! Students love to celebrate any occasion, and so can you!

What you need for a great college theme party are some easy appetizers and drinks. The perfect college theme party ideas start with chips, dips, and anything that can be microwaved!

The purpose of this type of party is to have some fun and perhaps reminisce a bit. Offer a variety of drinks, including beer and non-alcoholic alternatives. Again, these should be simple and easy. The most you should need is a blender.

For decorations, consider using anything from your alma mater. If this isn't possible, go with the theme of the closest college or university. Use the team colors for decoration, and consider picking up one or two sports flags for easy, inexpensive additions.

Convert your party room into a "dorm room" by hanging some posters of your favorite musicians (from now or then). You can make some easy decorations out of cardboard designed to look like an apartment sized refrigerator, microwave, and computer (all within a five-foot space, of course!). Pull out some books, hang a corkboard, and you've got a dorm room.

To create just the right kind of light, find some lightweight, colorful fabrics to hang over the lampshades (assuming the fabric will be far enough from the light bulb to not pose a fire hazard) or use colored light bulbs. Do you still have a lava lamp? This also makes a great addition to the theme.

Music should be lively and loud! Consider a dance mix selection of current artists, or if you're reminiscing about your own college days, use music from the period. Just keep it fun and upbeat.

Invitations can be simple. Use the same colors that you will for decorating. Include drawings or stickers of anything college related, from books to pompoms. Guests can dress casually, and if you're celebrating an era, choose clothing to represent the time.

Give yourself an opportunity to cut loose a bit! A college party theme is a great way to feel young again (and appreciate where you've gone since then!).

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