Cocktail Party Theme

Would you like a cocktail? Take it any way you’d like--it’s up to you!

A cocktail party theme is sophisticated and much easier to conduct than dinner parties. Cocktail parties can be fun, too!

An ideal invitations for a cocktail party involves a party drink theme. You can purchase some tiny plastic martini glasses, which aren’t very expensive, and enclose a piece of chocolate wrapped in a cocktail napkin.

The party information is written on the napkin, and the entire glass is sealed tightly in transparent wrapping paper or Saran Wrap. The cocktail is topped with a tiny bow, making the invitation appear as a gift. See the Cocktail Party Kit for all your needed items.

Want to make the perfect Cosmo cocktail like the ladies from Sex In the City enjoy? See the video below.

Food for a cocktail party is simple: no big meals, only snacks. Hors d’ouevres, tender clam strips, and tuna/radish/scallion or celery snacks to add full flavor to the cocktail-themed festivities. Perhaps some low-fat desserts, like tapioca pudding and cherry-laced coffee cake will sweeten up the cocktail party. If you have a meal, cold-cut deli sandwiches might work, too.


Depending on where the cocktail party is to be held, cocktail glasses are the main motif. If you can, make large martinis with an olive-green balloon olive inside. Cheap, thin, bendable Plexiglas might do the trick. Maybe someone can make these for you. Have these large cocktail glasses situated in the party space to capture the lighting for just the right effect. They work symbolically—the cocktails are larger than life, just like your cocktail party! You can also have a tower of filled cocktail glasses (a cocktail activity. See below).

As for music, a live piano player ripping through Jazz, Classical and Swing music might be a night touch for your cocktail party theme.


Cocktail Olive Toss: Have your guests get in line at different sides and pitch the olives into the glasses in the tower. The guests continue to pitch until an olive goes into a cocktail glass, which the guest drinks.

Here’s the hitch... The cocktail glass is removed without causing the tower to collapse. When the tower finally collapses, it is re-erected, and the fun continues. This activity seems a bit carnivalesque, and can be a bit messy, but it is a fun-filled diversion that will last for hours!

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