Clue murder mystery party

by Lori-Anne
(Littleton, CO)

We are planning a Clue themed mystery party for January 16th.

We have 8 people coming in costume:
Mrs. White
Miss Scarlett
Mrs. Peacock
C. Mustard
Mr. Green
Professor Plum
Mrs. Body

We have 11 other guest that can choose to come in costume or not. Our original idea was to have the 11 guest go into seven rooms where one of the characters
are to ask questions to figure out the mystery.

The party is for my daughter Birdie for her 16th birthday party. The majority of the guests and characters are high school theater geeks. My daughter has an idea to be Mrs. Body and participate as a ghost throughout the party and help with clues. Although we are open to any great ideas.

Can you help us customize the perfect teen mystery party?


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Jan 14, 2010
by: Krista Blaes

This party sounds great.

With the younger crowd, it might be fun to bring the mystery into the modern day. Stage it so it appears the mystery is taking place at a successful record producer?s home. Assign relevant guests profiles such as Mega Rock Star, Back up Dancer, Famous Teen Actress and so on. Include detailed character facts like?teen actress just had ugly break-up with mega rock star.

Let guests know their character before the event so they have time to dress according to their character description. Or, have a table full of costume props such as feather boas, dark sunglasses, costume jewelry, wigs, etc. and let them get in to character. This will bring a lot of fun and hilarious moments.

I love the idea of a ghost guide helping guests solve the mystery. Consider having an unseen ghost do the same. Hide a walkie talkie in one or more of the rooms. Someone can stay behind the scenes and give the creepy clues to unsuspecting clue gatherers. Or you can write clues with ghost ink pens that show under certain lighting. Or, use glow-in-the-dark pens.

Oh, and of course, use white tape to outline a body on the floor. This brings a touch of realism that will get guests to talking. Have each person lay down in the outline of the body for a photo. Print out on computer and hand out at end of evening. Or, just e-mail the momento at the end of the night.

I know your efforts will be a huge success!

Krista Blaes

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