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Choosing A Creative Christmas Party Idea using 3 Bs

It cannot be denied that the world is full of Christmas party themes such that it can be confusing to choose which one suits your needs the best. This is especially true if and when you have to organize the party yourself.

Keep in mind that every little detail will matter to make the party a smashing success. Well, fret no more as you can apply the 3 Bs to make your party organizing easier.

Brainstorm, Brainstorm, Brainstorm

Yes, the best start to a successful party is to brainstorm with your co-organizers from start to finish. Be humble in acknowledging that you do not have a monopoly of ideas, information and innovations on a unique Christmas party idea. As such, you have to solicit, listen and consider the ideas of the other people concerned with the party preparations. Indeed, you will be surprised with the new ideas being laid on the table!

And speaking of ideas, here are some Christmas-related party themes that you can float around and that you can tweak to suit the circumstances:

┬ĚPeriod party - You can adopt the English Victorian or Italian Renaissance theme for your Christmas party. Your guests need not arrive in period costumes - it's not Halloween, after all - since the venue decorations, candle and torch lighting, and other party details will provide for the right ambience of Christmas during the Victorian or Renaissance era.

  • Movie party - With the variety of movies boasting of Christmas party themes, you can definitely find one that will appeal to your tastes. Think of the "The Grinch", "It's a Wonderful Life" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas".
  • Carnival theme- Yes, indeed, Christmas and carnivals are associated with family fun so it makes sense to transform your Christmas party into a carnival. You can hold parades and games to evoke the spirit of when carnivals came into town when you were a child.

Of course, once you have settled as a group on a Christmas party idea, you should hammer out the details. This will take more brainstorming sessions albeit of a more focused type then when you were still choosing the Christmas party themes but it will be all worth it in the end.

Budget Like the Life of the Company Depended On It

And in many ways in this recession, you must indeed budget like your company's or family's bottom line depended on it. If you must take shortcuts without shortchanging the festivities then do so especially when you consider that the party will only be for a day, or a night, and yet it will affect the budget for many more months to come.

For example, you can recycle the old decorations from last year instead of buying new ones. Or you can patronize the supplier with the lower prices instead of the high-end vendors.

Bet On It

The last but definitely not the least important, you have to bet on your Christmas party idea, whatever it may be. You have to work for it simply because not even the spirit of Christmas past, present and future can help you with throwing a successful party.

Indeed, for a party to be successful, all the persons concerned must throw their weight behind it - bet on it - for it is people that must move mountains. Can you be that person?

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