Chinese New Year Party

Welcome To Our Chinese New Year Party page.

Chinese New Year is a wonderful celebration. It is one that I would just love to see in person some day! The colorful decorations and neat traditions make some great theme party ideas.

The Chinese New Year celebration lasts two weeks, with celebrations symbolic of something such as prosperity or good health.

Wish your guests "Guey Hay Fat Choy!" as they arrive. This is a tradition of wishing wealth throughout the year.


Gift-giving is an important part of the Chinese tradition. Here are some ideas for your Chinese New Year party:

  • Give gifts of fruit and rice flour cakes, which is a Chinese gift-giving tradition ("Tray of Togetherness") on New Year's Day.
  • Give red packets of money (the tradition of hong-bao or lai-see) to kids, young adults, and employees.


Decorate with lots of red, as it is symbolic for joy and happiness in a Chinese party theme.

  • Red & black streamers and balloons
  • Colorful paper lanterns
  • Line the area with Chinese themed posters and art
  • New Years banners with phrases in Chinese that welcome the new year
  • Decorate windows and doors in red paper or poster board (the Chinese tradition actually paints red on windows and doors)
  • It is a tradition to decorate with tangerines or a tangerine tree, which symbolizes wealth.
  • Place water narcissus around the room. If it blooms on New Year's day, it is believed to indicate good fortune for the year.
  • Hang Spring Couplets on the walls (Chinese poems on a scroll).

See the Chinese New Year Decorating Kit for all the needed supplies.

Activity Ideas

  • Use colorful shredded paper to create dragons or lions. The kids can run around with their creations to recreate the Chinese tradition of a dragon or lion dance.
  • Light fireworks (assuming it's legal in your area!), which celebrates "out with the old, in with the new."

Dress attire

Wear red colors, and per Chinese tradition, wear brand new clothes to celebrate the season. Add a straw oriental hat to accent your outfit.

Food & Drink

Chinese families serve dumplings and seafood the evening before the new year.

I hope this helped spark some fun ideas for your upcoming celebration. "Guey Hay Fat Choy!"

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