Child Tea Party Idea

Child Tea Party Idea

A child’s tea party can be fun for both kids and adults. Think teacup!

What kind of invitations should you send for your child’s tea party? How about something tasty? One tea party idea is to send a cookie with “Tea Time” scrolled in icing, wrapped in transparent plastic. This can be sent in a box as well, with the inclusion of a stylish little recipe containing the Victorian tea party ideas information. These boxes can be found at Hallmark or other stationary stores, or you can make your own. Tea party supplies and decorations depend on your child’s interests and the particular focus of your tea party.

For an outdoors tea party, don a picnic table with a teacup table cloth. Party favors would feature little plastic teacups containing candy or some other item. The key feature at the tea party would be the teacup. Finally, a sing-along between adults and children will be the best form of musical entertainment at any tea party.

What to wear for an afternoon child tea party? Little ladies can decide a particular theme, such as Holly Hobbie, Hello Kitty, princess party attire or some other children’s fad, then each can choose her favorite character. This will maintain a particular style throughout the tea party.

Yummy tea party treats include cookies of all kinds, along with coffee cake and maybe even finger sandwiches. No real meal is needed here, but lunch is very ideal during a tea party. Little children don’t eat a lot, so food should be light.


A sing-along is an activity that will always liven up a children’s tea party. “I’m a little teapot” and others. Let the children decide what they want to sing!

Mystery Teacup
One of the teacups has a number or symbol on the bottom, denoting a tea party prize.

Musical Teacups
Have one less teacup than people sitting around the table. Those around the table pass the teacups to the next and around, until a designated person says “stop!” Whoever is without a teacup is out. A teacup is removed from the game, too. Whoever is left with the last teacup at the end wins a child tea party prize.

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