How to Throw a Charming Princess-Themed Birthday Party

If you want to provide your little girl with a truly memorable birthday experience, consider hosting a themed birthday party, princess-themed that is! The options are endless; go the Disney route and dress the guests up like their favorite movie princesses, or offer a more traditional take on the idea with a regal tea party. Either way, your daughter and her friends will have a wonderful time living like royalty for the day.

Not sure how to get started in the planning process for your princess party? Stick to the following rules and you'll be just fine.

Classy Invitation Design

When you invite guests, the cards ideally will reflect the theme of the party. If you're hosting a princess party, the invitations should include pictures of princesses, crowns or jewels. Feel free to go the extra mile with glitter or rhinestones.

Careful Invitation Wording

The wording inside your invitations is every bit as important as the design. Set the tone for the party with a greeting straight out of fairytale lore. For example, you could start the invite off with "Her highness requests (guest's name) to attend a royal ball..." followed by the date, time and location of the party.

Beautiful Decorations

Transform your home into a palace fit for a queen. You can stock up on castles, chair covers and fuzzy princess thrones from party-supply stores. Other excellent decoration ideas include sparkling streamers, tiaras and pictures of your daughter's favorite Disney princesses.

Dress Up

A princess party just isn't the same if the guests aren't dressed up. In the RSVP, request guests to bring their most dazzling princess outfits. Be sure to provide a few costumes in case they forget or don't have anything appropriate in their closets.

Royal Feast

Your daughter should be treated to the best-of-the-best at her party! Of course, she will define what is the best, so if her favorite food happens to be peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, then that's what should be served. It's fine to offer a variety of foods to make guests comfortable, but the VIP should have some say as well.

Princess Games

Raise energy at your party with a few exciting princess games. Pin the tiara on the princess is a favorite — the game is exactly like the traditional pin the tail on the donkey, except blindfolded children attempt to get a tiara on the head of the princess. Another great idea is musical tiaras, in which guests scramble to grab tiaras when the music stops playing. Simply dressing up or giving princess makeovers can also be a lot of fun.

Princess Movies

One activity that proves especially popular with party guests is holding a princess movie night. This is an excellent option if you're planning on holding a princess-themed slumber party. Disney movies work well, although there are plenty of other excellent princess movies. Examples include "The Princess Bride," "The Prince And Me," "The Princess Diaries," "Ella Enchanted" and "A Little Princess."

Your little princess's day is all about celebrating love and family. As Ed & Lisa Young of the Ed Young Fellowship know firsthand from raising three daughters, it's important to strike a balance between a fun fete and spoiling our little girls rotten! Remember to enjoy the day and remind your little girl to be kind and gracious - as all the best princesses are!

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