Castle Theme Party

A castle theme party is extremely popular with both boys and girls. Boys can focus more on the dragons and knights, and girls on the royalty and princesses.

The medieval period was a fun time for parties, and so it’s sure that a medieval theme will be just as fun. This will get the imagination reeling!

Castle theme party invitations are regal: In the tradition of medieval majesty, your guests receive a homemade royal scroll tied with a purple ribbon. The words scribed on it read: “You are officially invited to the royal birthday of ________________” along with a personalized message. Sprinkles swirled around the inner edges of the scroll add flare and elegance. This will work well for elementary school kids as well as those in their early-teens.

No decoration is more elegant for a medieval party than a grand castle. You can have the basement made up to look like the inside of a medieval castle with painted wooden or cardboard sets. At the end of the room you can place a platform with a small “throne” for the royals (the birthday child and his/her parents) after you and your spouse (Dressed as King/Queen) usher your birthday child into the medieval party. All the young guests can dress up in tights and other simple medieval ware. Do some research on this and share with the other parents.

For music, you can either buy a CD of medieval music or even better hire a musician who plays a medieval instrument. This will make it authentic!

The food will be authentically medieval as well, and eating it will be just as medieval. Provide food to be eaten with the hands, like chicken. Medieval men liked to eat with their hands! Remember: Keep it simple, but have a variety for all!

Castle Theme Party Activities

You can open a dance floor in the basement to look like a medieval ball room with little wooden or cardboard chandeliers where everyone can dance.

Costume Contest
You can consider is a medieval costume contest. Most original wins! Consider second and third prize as well. Winners get a medieval prize!

Miniature Castle
Send a medieval figurine with each scroll invitation. As the guests arrive, they place their figurine in a miniature medieval castle display. After all the figurines have been placed, a medieval scene will have been created. This will get the kids’ imaginations flowing!

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