Casino Theme Party Idea

Casino Theme Party Ideas

For your next casino theme party or casino night fundraiser, you may want to take a fun approach and do something a little different. The best way to do this is to take in some casino party theme ideas.

These are fun items that will let you bring the fun parts of Vegas and enjoy them in your own home. From the casino lights scene setter to the entertainment, there will be plenty to do for a casino party theme.

Casino Party Favors

Your casino party decorations at this event will be fairly simple. What you will want to do is drag out some flashing Christmas lights and put them up around your home to give the flashing lights that Vegas has. Then bring out your casino chips and dice and place them throughout the room. Cards can be place in sets on the wall to bring in a great concept for casino party supplies.

A good idea for a casino theme party is to give your guests will be a deck of cards and a set of dice as favors in casino theme party. This will give them a chance to go home and continue playing their favorite games long after your event is done as well. If possible, you may even want to paint their name on some poker chips and let them have a unique gift.

Check out this video below that shows how to make your own casino theme party. There’s a short commercial at the beginning, but it’s worth the watch:

Casino Party Invitations

As you prepare your casino invitations, think about Vegas lingo. Terms like lucky and big winner are excellent. Do this on some classy paper and add in some dice and card clip art to keep the Vegas feeling going on these casino theme party invitations. You are going to find that there are some exceptional items you have available to you that will work wonders in this casino theme party as well. Just be sure that you take a moment to consider all the different options that you will have in your casino theme party.

Casino Theme Party Ideas: Food and Drink

Food should appear to be high end and classy for a casino theme party. Consider using finer cheeses like brie and use entertaining crackers to serve them on. In addition to this, you might consider having items like a shrimp cocktail available to your guests to enjoy as well.

Sparkling cider or even champagne will be perfect for your casino theme party. You can even choose to serve them in the little plastic cups that you find in the major casinos to make this process feel even more authentic for your guests.

Should a cake be warranted, you will want to consider making a dice or even a slot machine cake. That will certainly have people taking notice of your event and keep the theme going to the sweet ending that everyone will be certain to enjoy as well. There are a number of recipes you can find online to make these as well in your casino theme party.

Casino Theme Party: Game Ideas

Since this is a casino party theme, you will of course want to take some of the games you play in a casino and bring them home. Games should focus on items like poker, craps and even roulette if possible. Keep in mind that you may want to have different sets of items going on at the same time and you have alternative options for the children attending in the event that they want to play cards and other items. A good idea will be go fish for example if they want to play with cards.

Another thing you can do for a casino theme party is have a dress up contest where the women dress up as showgirls and the guys dress up like millionaires. Then you can give out prizes to whoever is votes as the best of both of them and have a great time having the casino theme going through your home for this fun and exciting casino theme party that you are hosting.

Just be sure you keep in mind that you should never play for real money during this casino theme party if you can avoid it. That way, everyone has a great time and you have the chance to avoid any potential problems that could occur if you should find that you have someone that has a gambling addiction in the process. Keeping your casino theme party light and fun is the best way to ensure that everyone has an amazing time and that people keep coming back to future events that you host as well.

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