Cars Tailgate

by Tatiana Michles
(NewCastle, DE, USA)

Cars Birthday Party

Cars Birthday Party

For my nieces birthday party, we did a cars theme. We set up a full tailgating party in the back yard. Each family had their own blanket and cooler full of food and drinks, beer and water for the adults, juice boxes for the kids. We had the grill going for hotdogs and hamburgers.

Each child was given a kids-size car made out of cardboard and painted to look like a character from the kid's movie Cars. These fit over their heads and the kids could wear them. They were then give stickers to decorate their cars with like sponsor decals.

The yard was set up like a full tailgate in the middle of a track. The track was just a mowed circle of grass with cones set up and balloons around the inside of the field.

The children spent most the time running around in their cars like they were racing in an indi car race. Each family had flags matching the color of the car their child was so they could cheer them on.

At the end of the party, each child was given a little trophy for participating. My sister made a cake to look like the main car in the movie. All in all everyone had a blast and everyone was pooped by the end.

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