Carnival Theme Party

Come One, Come All... To the Great Carnival Theme Party! Step right up for great kids carnival party ideas and carnival party games!

The carnival party invitations should be large tickets containing the carnival party or clown party theme information. These tickets — each in one of a variety of colors — even should have perforated creases so the carnival tickets can be torn, leaving a stub.

Welcome guests with a personalized carnival party banner.

A tent canopy is the main feature, either in the back yard or in some designated space. In the dead of winter, the carnival is indoors, within a large designated space or the basement, with tent canvas covering the ceiling and draped down the walls to resemble the inside of a tent. Inside the tent is a series of simple homemade games (see below). For something more original than streamers/balloons, try a giant “charm bracelet” containing a variety of items to color up the carnival. These items can be carnival party supplies or personal references to the birthday kid strung along, say, a clothes line encircling or right down the middle of the tent. Maybe the kids can pick prizes off as they go along.

As for music, you can hire a carnival musician or a man with a performing monkey.

What would a carnival party be without real carnival food? Popcorn served in red and white popcorn containers, hot dogs, and cotton candy. You can even build a concession stand for real carnival authenticity! As for the birthday cake, perhaps you can bake a three-dimensional cake of your child’s favorite circus theme party supplies.


Carnival Clown—Hire a carnival clown to do tricks and put on a show. The little ones will LOVE it!

Carnival Games—Of course, these are a given. Various games inside the tent, like “Pop the Balloons” (with a dart), “Knock over the Bottles” (with a ball), “Choose the right Color” (and then through the ball in. If it lands on your color, you win), are but a few games you can design.

Carnival Bingo—Winners get a prize!

*At the end, before the guests leave the carnival party, they turn in their ticket stubs in exchange for carnival favors, such as a grab bag containing surprises!

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