Carnival Party

by Jackie
(Altamonte Springs, FL)

This party is recommended for kids and teens.

As your guests come in have them guess how many animal crackers or skittles they think are in the jar. Use any food that is colorful or related to
carnivals (popcorn, peanuts, anything). Whoever guess right or is the closest gets to take home the jar and the treat.

Balloons are essential to the decoration part of the party. Have stuffed animals lying around the rooms that would be found at a carnival. For food, lay out popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, chips, animal crackers, peanuts in the shells, soda pop, and candy. You can even buy or rent popcorn machines and/or cotton candy machines.

For games,have water balloons tosses, pin the nose on the clown, musical dots (same as musical chairs only with dots that they have to step on), clown dress up contests, wacky snapshots, bean bag toss, and any other carnival games you can
think of that are fun and inexpensive.

Reward tickets to the winners and have them cash in their tickets for prizes. These could include pencils, stickers, candy, clappers, whoopee cushions,jewelry, tattoos and bubbles. Also, have your guests to put their tickets into raffles. This is a lot of fun!

If possible, hire a face painter and/or a clown to make animals out of balloons. Just try to think of as many carnival assets you can and try to apply them to your party. It is fun, inexpensive, and very entertaining.

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