Camping theme

by Julie
(Fargo, ND USA)

At my 14th birthday I'm going to have a camping theme. We are going to make a pit in the ground then we will roast marshmellows with sticks that we find, go fishing, and set up a tent that we sleep in. Also we will swim in the river/lake. For food we will roast hotdogs and we will make our cake from scratch, (it will be shaped as a tent or have it iced will a tent on top), and we will do alot of games when it gets dark! I will invite my closest friends, and we will all have fun and eat lots! We will go bobbing for apples and bring LOTS of bug spray! Also for safety we will have my small Italian GreyHound (P-nut) watching my tent and if anyone she thinks is suspicious walks by durning the night then she will bark,bark,and bark more!!! I hope to have a awesome birthday...

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