Camp Rock Party Ideas

Manual on Camp Rock Party Ideas for Harried Moms

Let's face it. Harried moms planning a party for their kids complain of the additional stress of the activities involved before, during and after the party, not to mention that it can be hard looking for the right party theme. The good news is that the following Camp Rock party ideas make for easier planning of the entire affair.

These suggestions are mainly geared for pre-teens who were fans of the 2008 Disney movie Camp Rock starring Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. You can, of course, change the details of these suggestions as your pre-teen child sees fit as it is his/her party.

Cool Invitations

Since the movie dealt with teenage pop stars, your child can dress up in his idea of what a pop star looks like complete with the sunglasses and the guitar, take his picture and then past it on the blank invitations. Just add the details of the party and you're set.

Of if your child does not want his picture on the invitations, you may download images of the stars from the Internet, cut these out and then paste on the invitations. The guests will then anticipate your Camp Rock 2 party ideas during the actual day.

Camp Rock Decorations

Let's move on to the Camp Rock 2 party supplies, which set the atmosphere for the rock n' roll party. We recommend the following:

  • Set up a mock stage with a white backdrop, Camp Rock logo and various lights including a small spotlight. A microphone stand can be placed in front from which the host can direct the activities and where guests can also compete in song and dance contests.
  • Throw confetti at certain parts of the venue such as on the stage as well as during certain times of the party like after the celebrant has blown on his birthday candle.
  • Put up large posters of your child's favorite pop stars including the stars of the movie itself.

Your Camp Rock birthday party ideas for the decorations can also be centered on the colors blue or purple.

Off-the-Shelf Food

Because you are a busy mom, you will want to stick to the off-the-shelf, ready-made or ready-to-assemble kinds of food and drinks. You will then have plenty of time for the other activities in party planning such as gathering the props for the activities. Here a few ideas:

  • You can contact the nearest pizzeria for a bulk order of pizza preferably with a discount. Alternatively, you may assemble a pizza from a ready-made crust, canned ingredients and grated cheese. Other possible easy-to-do foods include chips and dips, pasta and sandwiches.
  • Your child will appreciate your Camp Rock party ideas but not as much as his cool Camp Rock cake. No, you need not toil the whole day and night to bake the cake since you can order one online or in a bakery.
  • You may serve fruit juices, root beer and soda to the guests.

Now, all you have to do is to wrap his present for his birthday. You need not tie up the rest of these Camp Rock party ideas with the present but it would be a nice touch if it is like a guitar, rock star shoes or tickets to a pop concert.

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