Bridal Shower Ideas
and Themes

Bridal Shower Ideas and Themes

Bridal showers are becoming more, and more popular all over the world, and are a fantastic way for all of the women to get together. Often it can be difficult for women to meet up due to home, and work commitments, and hosting a bridal shower is a great opportunity for friends to get together.

There are a huge amount of different bridal shower ideas and themes, costumes, games, and events that can be chosen for the bridal shower.

Although bridal shower ideas and themes are often seen as a calmer event than the bachelor party, you will be surprised how lively it can get. It is often left to the main bridesmaid to organize hoping that she will know the bride better than anyone else. You want to organize a bridal shower that everyone will enjoy, and that will not cause a huge amount of embarrassment to the bride. The bridal shower should be a way of celebrating the most important day in the bride's life, and needs to have the perfect elements of fun, and elegance.

Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Depending on where the bridal shower is to be hosted will often determine the bridal shower ideas and themes, as well as the bridal shower party favors.

You may want to go to a restaurant for the bridal shower, and this will mean that the table can be decorated in photos of the bride, and a combination of fun items connected with getting married. The color scheme can follow the colors of the actual wedding, and this is a nice touch to include these elements, disposable cameras are a must to ensure that every moment of the evening is captured.

There are several elements that can be taken from the wedding designs for the bridal shower ideas and themes, that will add a very nice touch to include them in the bridal shower. If the party is to be held at home you can include many other decorations including balloons, streamers, and personalized bridal shower banners.

Depending on who is invited to the bridal shower will often determine how outrageous it gets. Women are renowned for letting their hair down around friends, however, may be far more cautious if their mother or mother-in-law is there.

Bridal Shower Game Ideas

There are many silly party games that can be played bridal shower ideas and themes to break the ice, and ensure that everyone is having a great time. Pole dancing lessons are a fantastic idea, and after one or two drinks you will be amazed at who is up performing. You may also want to include karaoke, and a disco as every woman loves the chance to get up and dance.

The invitations for bridal shower can be as girly and pink as you want, and need to explain if there are any dress requirements. Many bridal showers take the opportunity to dress up, and be silly especially if they are going out. Fairies, angels, devils, and of course a bride are all very popular themes. If the party is to be held at home you can plan the food, and drink to be very simple finger foods, or even order a pizza.

Spending time in the kitchen is not what a bridal shower is for, and although you may think the guests will be worried about the bridal shower menu, they would rather spend time with everyone.

If older guests are to be invited it may be an idea to begin with an afternoon tea, with cakes, and soft drinks. You can always continue the bridal shower into the evening having the best of both worlds. This allows for everyone to be part of your See these helpful bridal shower ideas from the youngest flower girls right up to the elderly grandparents.

Women are very sentimental, and there will need to be a time during the bridal shower when poems, letters, and small speeches are performed.

This is the ideal time for the friends to express how they are feeling about the future wedding. This is also the ideal time for any gifts to be given, and shown to the other guests. This should be done early on when guests have not had too much to o drink, or it can get very emotional.

No matter what bridal shower ideas and themes you decide on, you have to consider a wide spectrum of people. You should ensure that it is held a good time ahead of the wedding to allow for clear heads on the day. If the bridal shower is well thought about it will be a very emotional, fun, enjoyable time.

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