Brian & Will's
Lost Party Theme Wisdom

by Brian & Will

Our group is a bunch of middle school teachers who get together for a Lost party every week that the show is running. We haven't missed an episode in three seasons! The following are some food ideas from our parties.

Sun: Sun chips
Jin: Gin; green tea with ginsing
Locke: Bagel crisps with cream cheese and lox
Jack: Jack cheese
Frank: Franks
Smoke Monster: Smoked munster cheese; "Monster Shots" with Monster energy drink and vodka
Jacob: Jacob's Creek wine
Desmond: Scotch
Charlie: Tuna; poppy seed muffins or bread
Claire: Eclairs
Benjamin Linus: Mini hotdogs (because Ben's a weenie)

Also consider bringing Fiji water, Rice Crispy treats shaped like fish biscuits, Land Shark Island Lager, and Black Box wine.

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