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Boys will be boys. In many instances, this is true so when looking for boys party ideas, remember to ask the big boys about the perfect theme for the little boy's birthday party. Or maybe not if the big boys have such wild ideas bordering on a stag party!

Importance of Planning

No matter what advice you take, it is very important to plan your party in 6-8 weeks in advance. This is especially true when you intend to invite the whole clan or the whole neighborhood, not so much if you plan on an intimate party of just close family and friends.

If you think that more than a month is pushing the envelope of Type A planning, do keep in mind that, even in the simplest of boys party ideas, you have to attend to a myriad of little things from the invitations and decorations to the venue and menu.

Indeed, success is 90 percent planning and 10 percent luck, to paraphrase a Thomas Edison saying. Also, planning ahead lessens the chances for the guests' schedule to conflict with the party date. After all, little boys do have their own lives!

Steps in Party Planning

Of course, the first step in party planning is to establish the theme for festivities. Once that has been agreed on by the boys - and girls, too - of the family, the rest just naturally follow.

It is a very good idea to prepare a timeline of events from the first day when the best of the boys party ideas has been chosen to the day when the kids get ready for the big day. It will help keep things organized, thus, lessening the chances of forgetting something important along the way.

For example, six weeks before the big day, you must make the guest list, pick a date and time, settle on the venue and menu, and order your party supplies and entertainment.

Three weeks before the party, send out the invitations, iron out the games and activities and solicit help from family and friends.

One week before the big day, prepare the loot bags, games and activities as well as purchase the food and candies. On the day of the party itself, pick up the cake, blow out the balloons and get the kids ready. And do remember to have fun on the party! After all that running around, you deserve it.

Ideas to Plan For

There are many boys party ideas over the Internet that will make your little boy - and possibly, the little boy hidden deep inside the big boys in the house - as happy as a clam. The following are the tried-and-tested party themes that you can tweak to suit your budget, venue, style and preferences:

  • Race to the racetrack is simply a party theme revolving around race cars. You can use the colors of the racetrack - green, blue, red as well as black and white - as the central hues from the food and giveaways to the decorations and utensils.
  • Fly like a superhero centers on superhero themes depending on the little boy’s favorite character. Since there are plenty of party supplies available for this kind of party, you can have a very easy time at it.

And that, parents, is how you take advantage of the best in boys party ideas - by planning and planning well!

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