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What’s all blue, filled with kids, and a whole lotta fun?

There’s nothing more exciting than a party full of clues. Blue’s Clues parties are just that! The intriguing and inquisitive blue dog that gets kids to think will get you to think about what kind of party to plan.

Invitations, of course, are paw-shaped and blue—the key color to a true-blue Blue’s Clues party! The message itself will be in the form of a clue: “What’s all blue, filled with kids, and a whole lotta fun?” or something along that line. That’s a great way to get a kid’s imagination running!

The décor includes everything blue--balloons and streamers of varying shades of blue adorn Blue’s “doghouse.” Parents tape blue paw prints all over the walls. A clue is on the back of some of these paws; other paws are blank. These are clues to a grand prize that the Blue’s Clues host hands out at the end of the party.

See the Blues Clues party supplies kit for all the needed supplies.

A large mailbox sits in a designated place. As they arrive, the Blue’s Clues guests put their presents in and around the mailbox. Recorded CDs of the show’s music will get the party roaring. The kids come as their favorite Blue’s Clues dog, and parents where blue as well. In effect, EVERYTHING is blue, and that’s the distinctive charm of the party!

Believe it or not, the food is blue, too! A really fun Blue’s Clues party has a large, blue, paw-shaped cake surrounded by a sea of cupcakes shaped and colored like tiny paws. Trays of other treats have bone-shaped cooks and snacks…like dog biscuits!

Blues Clue Party Game & Activity Ideas

Find the Answer!—as hinted earlier, the blue paws taped around have clues on the back. The host asks the kids to pick any three, one at a time, from anywhere. The host then reads the clues on the back, and the kids write down each clue in a little Blue’s Clues notebook handed out at the beginning of the party. Whichever Blue’s Clues kid finds the answer wins the prize and keeps his or her notebook for fun memories.

Puzzles—hand out puzzle books or download a couple from the Internet and have the kids work through them. Maybe you can choose one or two for the Blue’s Clues kids to work on as a group (or competing groups). The winners get a prize. They’ll love this!

Presents—the little guests gather around the Blue’s Clues mailbox while your kid opens his or her presents for all to see. Exciting!

When it comes to a Blue’s Clues party, anything is possible. Just make sure it’s all true-blue!

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