Black and white theme party

My best friend on her 20th birth day decided to have a black and white theme party and wanted me to help.... The first thing was to send invitations out, we went to a local party place where you can rent all the things you need for the party, we order the invitations there.

The invitations were black with white letters and she decided to add her own touch at the store they took a picture of a necklace that was passed down to her from many generations back and that was use as the border of her invites. The envelopes were black with a white inside. All of our friends loved them.

Her house is so she had it in her dinning room, you don't have to have a big house, it all depends on the amount of people you're inviting. Most our decorations were balloons, we also bought fake white flower and we sprayed painted some black and we also changed the curtains that made a big difference to the room.

She rented white plastic chairs and on the tables she used black table cloths. When our friends began to arrive they could not believe that her dinning room had changed that much and were impresed because even the cake her mom and i picked out was black and white.

We all had a blast and everyone loved the way my friends house looked and all the little details that believe it or not, made a big impact on the guest. Planning a party takes time and money but you should always consider the amount of guest your having the amount of space and the most important your budget. If your wanting to plan a party is to enjoy yourself and spend time with friends and family, not to impress others. You don't wanna go over you budget because instead of enjoying your party you're going to spend you time worrying about how much you went over budget.

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