black and white party ball with a twist....

Ok, so for my 15th birthday (which is in a couple days) im having a black and white ball! so i told everyone wear black and white formal, dressy, dresses. all the decorations will be black and white also. so everything will be black and white, except i will be wearing a poofy, hot pink dress! along with my big bow in my hair, my hot pink rose earings (which are magnetic, don't have my ears peirced. but they work well) my jewelry, and heels! that really makes you stand out!

What we are planning for decor, is getting big rectangles of black and/or white fleece, and covering the couches and floors. another thing to use are bed sheets. work well too. i will have lots of decorations, which will be black, white, and silver. you can get black and white plastic cups and plates for very cheap. those are handy. serve oreos, marshmallows, etc.

My birthday cake is white cheesecake with chocolate swirls. black and white candles also. you can print black and white pictures, string them on string, and hang them across the room, that looks good. we will have a photoshoot, that is very fun. (my mom knows a photographer and were borrowing his backdrops) white sheets that you hang from the walls work as good backdrops for photoshoots too! and you can get all kinds of pink accesories for cheap at clair's. (i get all mine there!)

I am also putting up tiki torches in the back yard. hope this helped with some ideas!! (twinkle lights across the celing are good too!)

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